Morning Run - In the long run

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I just finished a 12.716km running that lasted about 1hh:10mm:48ss !


It was looking bright when I got up. I was not feeling at my best having had to feed the cat when it was still dark. I checked the temperature before going out. It said 5C, but I decided a t-shirt would still be okay. I had it in mind to head for Langford, so headed for the station to take the path that gets me onto the big bridge over the railway. My legs took a while to get going, but I soon warmed up.

It was not too muddy on the track that leads up to Champneys. Last time I tried this route I found the path by the lakes to be flooded and I squelched my way across the field to bypass it. It was still flooded now, but this time I turned round and took a different route that gets me to Langford around the edges of fields. It was a bit muddy, but I did not get too filthy.

I wanted to stay away from the roads, so took another track that takes me between fields into the back of Clifton. It was quite nice along there as there was no wind and the sun was shining. By then I was doing a reasonable pace.

Church Street in Clifton has some very nice houses, but I noticed one that is falling into ruin. I expect @slobberchops would be itching to check it out. A sign on the gate said there were free-running guard dogs, but I doubt it as the gate was open. The house is boarded up, but maybe there is a way in for those urbexers. Trees have been cleared in there, so I wonder if new houses will be going in.

The whole route was fairly flat, but some slight rises were enough to make me work a bit to try and keep the pace up. It feels like a long trek home along the main road. I took the footbridge over the railway and headed home.

I was happy with the pace, which is what I have been aiming for on my half marathons. I have one more of those to do this year, but I plan to keep it up anyway. Maybe there will actually be some races next year.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Run free and stay well.


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I've not been out much this week. I think I had the beginnings of a gout attack which can make you feel run down with the chills. It had mostly passed by Friday but still feel a little out of sorts. Sure lots of it is mental with everything that's going on lately. I have slept well the past 3 nights though which has made a pleasant change! Lots of lovely fresh air working in the garden this morning. Running stuff is ready to head out in the morning.

Good sleep helps. Our cat has been getting me up too early lately and it's hard to get back to sleep. Still felt okay on the run. A bit of fresh air wakes you up. Hope the gout doesn't trouble you too much. I need to get out and see to the chickens now.

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Good man I also wanted to run this morning but it was raining like lite shower but was a muddy outside and I don't like running in muddy road because it's winter and don't want to get injured

You do have to be careful when conditions are bad. I had a few little slips, but kept going. Just have to find ways to get in some exercise each week. I will try to stick to my 3 runs each week and work around bad weather.

But be careful man you know getting hurt in cold hurt like hell

I need to start running again and I use Strava. I don't know about exhaust, is there anything special i need to do to try it out?

You can link Exhaust to your Strava so it picks up the runs and then you can write a post about them. Just log in there and try it.

cool thanks! got it... now i have to run haha

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How long to 50k? At this rate a few months.

We are sure you will get there much faster @steevc 😁🐝

Well I try to keep the conversations going. It's all about engagement for me.

Nice thoughts. Continue like that @steevc!

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It took just about everything in me to crawl out of bed this morning and do my workout. I just didn't have it in me. I followed through and did a good half hour workout. I keep thinking maybe one day it will get easier, but so far after about a year it hasn't.

I'm not sure the getting up part gets easier. It takes me a while to drag myself out most days. What does change is how much you can do once you are up. Stick with it mate!

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