Morning Run - Lapping fast and slow

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I just finished a 7.253km running that lasted about 0hh:42mm:1ss !


Back to some intervals this morning with a 30-20-10 workout. I went to the big (1.2km) loop around the fields for this. It was fairly cool out again, but then it feels like summer is about over. I had a swim yesterday, but when I went out there was water leaking from the pump. I suspect the overnight temperature change loosened a cover. It may not be worth topping it up again.

Talking of swimming, there were three ladies in the river today and I saw another who may have been in. I think it is fairly safe there and it is good to see people make use of what we have. What I did not see today was other runners. On my laps I just saw a lady walking her dog.

I did two full laps of short sprints and most of the third was just cooling down. I went the opposite way around (clockwise) for a change. Although it was cool I soon warmed up and it is nice to run under blue skies. There were quite a few birds around, including some magpies.

By the time I finished the swimmers had gone and the High Street was busy with little kids going to school. I just went home for some breakfast of cereal and raspberries. We have had such a good crop this year that I have been able to have them every day for a while.

I am contemplating what run(s) to do over the weekend. It may be time for another not parkrun. There is still talk of the events re-starting next month, but regulations could change at any time.

Run free and stay well.


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Oh my! I can't even imagine swimming this time of year! We hit the high 40's last night temp wise, so the water would be pretty cold in my neck of the woods! Nice job on your workout!

The pool can be cold when you get in, but I soon adjust and the river will be much the same. There are people who swim outside all year in the UK, but we may not get it as cold as you do.

I don't think you do except on rare occasions.

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