Lockdown half marathon #5

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I just finished a 21.525km running that lasted about 2hh:4mm:9ss !


Today was my fifth in a series of monthly half marathons that I started when the one I was planning to compete in was cancelled. I can report that they do not get easier. I have tried to do a different route each time and I used a tool in Strava to map one out. It came out at around 20km, but I assumed I could find ways to extend it.

I had some cereal with fruit to give me some energy for the run. I started by taking the track past Champney's spa where I saw a rabbit. It is usually quite quiet up there, but I saw a fair few runners as I passed the fishing lakes. There was a lot of work with diggers going on there and it looks like they are having new fences. I noticed I was going a little quick there and made an effort to ease off a bit. At Langford I ran along the road for a short way and happened to see my better half on her way to the stables. Then it was onto another farm track that runs between fields. It was a bit windy at times.

I took a back road through Clifton to stay away from traffic, where I encountered a squirrel, and then it was past my kids' old school into Shefford. I realised I had run past the roundabout where I meant to take a different road, but did not go too far off track. The road out of Shefford is up a fairly big hill where I managed to keep the pace up.

I had to get across the busy main road, but there was a good break in the traffic. Then it was along a fairly narrow footpath by the road towards Henlow Camp where I worked many years ago. As I went past the RAF base a large group of cyclists went past. Back on the country road I caught up with a lady jogger and went out into the road to give her plenty of space. There is no compulsion to wear masks when running, but I still try not to infringe on personal space. After following the road for a while it was back onto yet another farm track. The sewage works added to the country aromas. I was soon back on very familiar local territory as I took a long way around to the meadow by the river. By then my legs were really tiring and I slowed to a walk as I climbed the footbridge over the railway before getting back to a jog on the other side. Then it was just a matter of following the road through Arlesey to home. As I got near home I could see that I really needed to add another couple of kilometres, so I took a couple of loops around the block, which involves climbing a bit of a hill.

It is due to get fairly warm over the next few days, but it was nicely cool for my run. After a shower I am chilling out with a coffee whilst I type this up. At least I seem to recover fairly quickly these days. I may have a swim later.

I was trying out some new headphones that I will review soon. Part of my listening was an interview with singer/guitarist Molly Tuttle. I have just been listening to her album. She has a nice voice and does some cool covers.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Run free and stay well.
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Wow. Congratulations 🎊 and, look at those splits 👏👏. The pace is nice. Getting a half marathon done is an achievement.

I didn't quite manage to get under 2 hours this time, but that's okay. Just being able to take on this distance feels good, but I could not have run much further today.


For me, just to complete the half marathon would be a great achievement. You definitely would not want to run further than that 😂

Wow, same comment 3 times! :)

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It shows how impressed i was with your effort. Or how desperate i was to get your upvotes 😀😀😀😉

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For me, just to complete the half marathon would be a great achievement. You definitely would not want to run further than that 😂

For me, just to complete the half marathon would be a great achievement. You definitely would not want to run further than that 😂

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I've never been able to enjoy running, but I do love getting outdoors. Being out in nature is where it is at. I prefer to dig for treasure haha. Keep up the good work man!

It's definitely not for everyone, but seems to suit me even though I came to it late. I have got to know my local area a lot better since I started.


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I can report that they do not get easier.

Oh dear!

Good effort on Marathon half number five anyway, I'm impressed!

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Well at least I can get round it okay and it was only a little slower than last time. No back issues, but I got a few hip twinges. Nothing to really slow me down for now. The important thing is that I recover fairly quickly. I had to walk to the station after lunch with a guitar to get to a jam session and I felt okay.


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...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER .


That's really impressive pace!

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We don't wear masks when we go out to walk, but we try to keep a distance between us and the other people when we pass them as well. Especially because of our dog. It is a good tool to keep us separated anyway. Nice job on your run!

We have to be sensible about these things. Masks are not magical things, but they have uses in reducing the spread, despite what some people say for their own political reasons.

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