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I just finished a 8.353km running that lasted about 0hh:49mm:11ss !


Only 7C this morning and it felt like it. The sunshine deceived me and I was out in t-shirt and shorts as usual, but I soon warmed up. I was heading for the fields today to avoid the schoolkids. As I went up the road there were a couple of police vehicles coming through with lights flashing. They were having to work through the traffic as it gets backed up due to all the parked cars on the High Street.

I got away from all the traffic as I took the track to take me over the railway to the Mill Pits and beyond. I was going to use the loop I have done with my friend for some 800m intervals. Each lap is nearly 2km with a slightly climb at one end. I just have to watch out for trip hazards as it is quite rough in one area.

I just went for it and did not look at my pace too much. I am very happy that I kept under 5min/km each time, although it got tougher. When I did this a couple of month back with Jon I was a bit slower even with him racing ahead to spur me on.

There was one lady out there running, but otherwise it was very quiet with just a couple of dog walkers around. It would be nice is the weather could stay like this for a while as I find it ideal for running.

My BBC science podcast went wrong as it was mostly silence, so I listened to Digital Planet instead followed by No Such Thing as a Fish.

Run free and stay well.


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A good workout, congrats. Especially for the rough terrain.

Ps. come and visit so we can run the intervals together :)

I would love to run with you. We will have to do a big Hive running festival one day :)


That's a great idea!

Swift Friday and great weekend :)

We shall see


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Keep improving, next time plan for a 4'55"/km pace ;-)

That's the sort of pace I am aiming for on a 5k, so I need to be able to keep it up a bit longer. I was down to 4:39 on one rep today, but I could not keep that up for long. It at least proves my legs can go that fast and this is a real improvement.

Now you have to consolidate 4'50" then

It never ends!

Hey man, what sort of gear are you using for your pace analysis? Just your phone or do you have some other tech? I ask because my Strava started screwing up lately and I'm looking for an alternative.

I just use my Garmin watch and Strava picks up the data. I have paid for Strava to get all the stats. It's what my friends use and so I will stick with it for now.


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One of the reasons I organised myself a treadmill was because I cannot stand walking / running around traffic. The fumes damn near kill you... but short of getting into a car and going somewhere to walk... a treadmill is the next best thing. Great shot you got whilst out. !tip

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I try to stay away from the roads, but most are not too busy around here. I used to have a cross-trainer, but I prefer being outside now.

Cheers for the tip. Have a !BEER.

yeah for sure! If I could I would - drawbacks of city living haha!

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Thanks @steevc :)

What a cool place for morning walk!

We're lucky to be surrounded by countryside that is ideal for walking and running.


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Just curious... over there do they make people wear a mask when they're out running & jogging? Some countries are making people wear them at almost all times and rigorously enforce it, even when alone & outdoors. Can't imagine that's any kind of way to enjoy a run...

We only generally have to wear masks when inside public buildings. I see people wear them outdoors, but they may be those with higher risks. When running I just try to give people plenty of space and you can see that is not really a problem around here.


Well then it's good to know they haven't gone COMPLETELY around the bend. Masks have their usefulness, but it's crazy seeing some places & people go to extremes with them. Gotta say, it's nice to not be in such a place...

We need to be cautious, but sensible. Most of us have little idea of how viruses spread. The 2m or 6' distance is an arbitrary thing. If they made it further then it would be hard to pass people in a corridor or on a sidewalk. It's all about probability.

In some places they locked down so you could not go out except on essential errands, but we were never that bad.

"All about probability"... Exactly! This is a risk management game, and for each preventative or mitigation measure there's a point of vastly diminishing returns depending on the environment. So far the data suggests spread is not seen much with very brief or casual contact, and especially when outdoors. So I have ZERO problem with people not wearing a mask on an outdoor run... just keep one in your pocket in case you gotta jog past the police! 😉

I don't think the police can stop me for running outside. I am usually well away from other people anyway.

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That looks like a pretty awesome place to run. Sounds like it is pretty isolated too. I like that the tree is just sitting out there in the middle. I could see myself using it as a goal.

There are a few trees on that loop which you can use for fartlek if not doing fixed intervals. Those long straights can be frustrating as you can feel you are going nowhere, but it's generally a nice place to run. It would be interesting to see what difference it made if I used a proper running track, but there is not a convenient one nearby.

Thats badass you get to run through fields. Be careful of snakes.

Not many snakes around here. I've only ever seen a few grass snakes and there shouldn't be any adders. Our wildlife is not too dangerous. People are more of a danger and possibly dogs. Actually ticks can be an issue, but I've never had one.

Oh good to hear, yeah ticks.. I hate ticks. I cover myself in oils that keep them away when I go hiking. Otherwise id be pulling them out every trip out in the woods during the summer and fall.

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