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I just finished a 7.3km running that lasted about 0hh:44mm:4ss !


The weather is warming up here with 33C expected tomorrow. All the more reason to get out early. I had been wanting to recreate a workout I did with my friend Jon recently. That involves 800m sprints with 200m to recover and repeated six times. I did it in the same place around a farm track out in the fields. The farmer had been harvesting and there were lots of bales of straw out there. I had to wait for the tractor to pass at one point, so lost a little time there.

It is just a short way from home to get across the railway and the river to get to the fields and away from all the traffic. I am sure the cleaner air does me good. It was fairly quiet over there apart from the tractor. Just a few dog walkers and runners.

I had set the workout on my watch so I could just press a button to switch from warmup to intervals when I got there. The sprints went pretty well as I managed to get under 5min/km for most of them. I took it very gently on the recovery phases and walked a bit. On one lap I could pick a few blackberries to keep me going as I had not eaten beforehand. I had more blackberries at home to have with my breakfast. There are lots growing next door that I can pick over the fence.

By the last sprint I was tiring and I did a lot of it on the way back home. Climbing over the railway bridge really slowed me down as those stairs are hard on tired legs. Pretty good overall though.

I would hope to have a swim if it is going to be warm today.

Run free and stay well.



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I can't run in that kind of heat. Rain, hail bring it on, but anything over 25 and forget about it.

Wasn't too bad this morning, but I prefer it cooler. I would generally avoid running in the middle of the day.

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Good effort, I find 800 metres just about the most brutal interval period!

Funny to stop and pick blackberries, but you may as well while they're in season!

It is a long way to go full out, but then I need to build that speed to reach my 5km goals. I was on a walking bit when I picked the berries. There are loads around here and it looks like a good crop. They are the thorniest plants though, even on the leaves.

Do you know I've still no idea what the best way to train for improving a 5K is!

It's probably varied based on age and other characteristics - I've tended to do mainly 400 intervals and 30-20-10, 800 sessions only occassionally, but I've done a few - I'm in the mood for them sometimes.

I bought my first strawberries of the season today, I might try and get out to do some picking tomorrow, looks like it's good whether, I'll do a berry-reckie when I'm on my run!

I'm just trying to mix up my runs in hope it gives me improvement. I want to be able to run longer distances at sub-5min/km, so doing that for short stretches ought to get my legs working. But then I also need stamina and longer runs may help with that. My friend has done serious competing, so I take his advice on what should help. It is tempting to join a club where I might get some coaching. There is talk of setting one up in the village.

Our garden strawberries have finished for now, but still got a few others. Have to enjoy them whilst they last.

I should have been out these past few days but have woken up too late. Much warmer across there than it is here, still quite toasty though.

I've set my alarm to stop me sleeping in too late. It will still be a wrench when I go back to work.

still doing 4k a day, ... but feeling less knackered, .. which is a good sign 😀, .. in the market for some running shoes if you have a recommendation.

Well done. The choice in shoes is bewildering these days. You can pay silly money, but don't really need to. My latest shoes are Asics Gel Flux 5. Were about £40 from their outlet shop and seem fine. Will have to see how they last. My previous pair cost a lot more, but I wonder if it's really worth the extra.

Every day is a good day when you run.
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