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RE: State of Exhaustion - October 14, 2020

in EXHAUST3 months ago

Posting does not seem to be working today. Is something broken by the hardfork?


Uncertain. I'm going to look into it now.

After a bit of a deep dive -- I'm not sure why things aren't working.

I'd be lying if I said I had time to effectively manage this project these days, and it's definitely not at the forefront of my radar.

I need to do a bit of soul-searching regarding this project -- but there's a strong possibility that it's going to be decommissioned / under-construction for a few weeks while I finally get around to building up the new beta-version.

Updates to come later this week.

I'll be sorry to not have it, but I can still post about my runs anyway. I guess I could go back to @Actifit, but it doesn't do quite the same thing.

Wish you all the best.


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