Morning Run- Humid

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I just finished a 4.637km running that lasted about 0hh:23mm:52ss !


We are getting heat weather warnings for almost a week now. The weather will remain like this for at least a week. And, that's the reason why I decided to run early in the morning. Even, the early morning run was a not a respite for me. The sun was on my face all the time.

That's why I changed the route I typically run to go around the city with tall buildings. It worked. This was a recovery run after the weekend long run. I wanted to push for a 5K but I could not run due to humidity. I called it a day before the targeted 5K. It was a good run in the circumstances.

June Data

I normally keep track of my activities on Strava and get my graphics from a 3rd party app.They have a very cool graphics creation ability. Look at this picture. They mashed together all my runs from June to give a complete picture of my acitivity.

I ran 60.4 KM in total in a month. Not bad for a novice and recreational runner like me. I will try to match or better than in July. I know I have to thank @exhaust to motivate me.

Check out some detailed info at my EXHAUST page
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Ah that's some great running. I'm looking forward to getting back into it once I can heal my knee issue. Hopefully that won't take too long!

What was your weekend long run?

The recovery runs are sometimes challenging after a long run lol your mind is like "NO I don't want to run!!!!" but sometimes you gotta just stick with it. I often felt better after a recovery run which is nice.

I am planning to run a 10K this month or in August depending on my stamina and exercise. It will be almost after 8 years as the last one I did was in 2013. The weekend run was 6.5 kms. I usually run two 4K runs in the weekdays and a weekend 5K run. Let's see if I can manage to remain motivated and challenge my ageing knees 😀
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