Somedays you sleep great - other days you sleep like a baby

in EXHAUST3 months ago

Well, last night I had a rough sleep. I don't know what caused it, but it was rough. I got up in the morning and checked my #ouraring and yep, the best I got was a 79.


I tried to stay in bed longer, but my partner needed help with the kids so I tore myself out of bed.

Sleep is critical

I'm an knowledge worker, I need my brain to get work done and if I don't sleep well my productivity goes out the window.

What I'm doing today is shifting my schedule around hoping that I get a better sleep tonight. To increase my odds of that I'm going to do the following:

  • when this is published I'm going for a 20min nap so I will be even mildly productive this afternoon
  • light lunch
  • go for a walk (need to stay active)
  • NO ALCHOL or caffeine this afternoon

Then, when its time to start getting ready for bed I'm going to make sure that:

  1. The room is cool
  2. No screens for at least 1hr before bed
  3. phone stays in the living room
  4. Shower right before bed.
  5. normal bed time

I will report back on how it works out, and tomorrow I will be sure to be doubly productive.



Sleep is critical. Though... that looks better than my best nights. 😂

That sucks!

I've been very protective of my sleep for ever, then I had kids and well, its not in my control anymore :)

Kids will be kids. 😂 They're great but come with an unseen cost. Haha.