Nothing changes - Evening Run

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I just finished a 9.035km running that lasted about 0hh:42mm:4ss !


Same lack of energy and motivation I've been feeling lately, but I once again managed to go for a run anyways, and it was the right decision. Except for a very short detour in the forest at the beginning, I stayed again on the local asphalt streets with a similar route. But I kept it a little shorter, with just about 9km. The pace was also similar to most my recent runs, around 7:30 min/mile. So I guess, a lot of the same. If I stay this consistent, I am sure I will finally start improving and get past this plateau.

I tried focusing on my cadence again, but I feel that when I make a conscious effort to increase it, it also slows me down. So, after a couple of miles, I gave up, and just went back to what feels like a natural stride. And that shows in the stats, with only 1% in the cadence target range. I have to find a way to improve it somehow.

With the sky partly clearing up, I could once again enjoy the nice colors just after the sunset, lots of pinkish/purple-ish shades of color tonight. But not much wildlife, except of course the usual deer. The temperature in the mid-60s was a bit warmer but still pleasant. Nothing like the 80s or even 90s we'll for sure get soon. I am not looking forward to it!

After running Monday, and biking yesterday, I thought I would be sore today, but it wasn't bad at all. So, to keep the momentum, the plan for tomorrow is to try and bike again. But I won't be too disappointed if that doesn't happen, an active rest day (with lots of walking with the dogs) wouldn't be too bad either.

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