Sunset Ride

in EXHAUSTlast month

I just finished a 21.22km cycling that lasted about 1hh:2mm:25ss !


When I realized I hadn't ridden my bike for more than a month, that helped me decide what to do today. Since I've been quite consistent with my running, this is good cross-training. Just like my run yesterday, I started late, and I thought I wouldn't be able to ride much. But I ended up cycling for just about one hour.

As it's the case for most rides, I had no predefined route, and just randomly picked streets. I actually went to a few places, that even though they're close to home, I hadn't visited them in years. In some locations, it was all repaved with some very nice bike lanes. There's even an area with a small bridge passing over a stream where deer were drinking just before dusk. No idea this was there. I didn't stop for photos because it was already getting dark, and also chilly (we have a frost advisory for tonight). But I will definitely go back some day when I have more time.

Tomorrow, it's back to running. At least that's the plan.
Till then, keep Exhausting!

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I keep having issues finding the time to get on my bike, too. I always feel like celebrating when I finally finish a ride!

Getting out for a bike ride or a run is always cause for celebration!
In my defense, riding outdoor in Michigan is not very easy in winter, and I focused on running. Plan is to slowly rebalance the ratio run/bike. Of course, my plans often fail😉
Hope you can get plenty of bike time, and the celebrations afterwards!