State of Exhaustion - October 01, 2020

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State of Exhaustion

October 01, 2020


A friendly place to try hard! Come get EXHAUSTED!

Featured Activities Shared Recently:

imageMy Running Log 2020-10-01: a running activity by @argon
Distance: 9.61km, Duration: 42 minutes, Pace: 4.383 min/km
Distance: 65.42km, Duration: 148 minutes, Speed: 26.4 km/hr
Fahrt am Morgen : a cycling activity by @granadimage
imageW1 D2 - Pre Season: a cycling activity by @crypto.blonde
Distance: 17.18km, Duration: 47 minutes, Speed: 21.91km/hr

Cool Stories We Liked Recently:

image2,020km Challenge for Alzheimer’s Society – September ReportBy @nickyhavey
By @normie.fitnessAb wheels: How to use them correctlyimage
imageRainy season is upon us but that won't stop us!By @chaingmai.hhh

EXHAUST Leaderboards:

Running Leaders

This WeekThis MonthThis Year
1argon - 44.79kmargon - 9.61kmervin-lemark - 2040.41km
2jgrieco - - 9.22kmargon - 1907.14km - 18.18kmsteevc - 6.95kmjgrieco - 1831.02km
4steevc - 12.04kmrunburgundy - 1.23kmrthelly - 1060.95km

Cycling Leaders

This WeekThis MonthThis Year
1jkms - 131.93kmgranad - 65.42kmgranad - 5560.14km
2granad - 102.16kmjkms - - 4547.36km - 72.88kmcrypto.blonde - 17.18kmjkms - 3293.02km
4jgrieco - 70.46kmjgrieco - 8.06kmdavidesimoncini - 2951.45km

The delegation system for @exhaust users is now live! There is no pressure to delegate, but if you choose to, you should start receiving payments 7 days after the delegation is made! @exhaust strives to pay back 100% of the curation rewards that delegated HivePower earns!
Here are some handy quick-links for delegating to @exhaust via HiveSigner! (Links subject to change w/ upcoming HiveSigner v3...

Delegate : 25 HP || 50 HP || 100 HP || 250 HP || 500 HP || 1,000 HP || 10,000 HP


Thank you so much for featuring my article today. Appreciate the support for the cause 😊