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Finally! I managed to run during the day and under the sun as a bonus. Another bonus was to go for a run in the forest with my new and shiny Salming Trail 5 shoes.

It was a lovely run with lots of ups and downs. I took an easy pace and stopped often to take photos or pick up litter.

At the start of the run, the forest path is dry and shiny, like in autumn.

Later, the frozen surface is melted at the places where the sun has a direct view of the trail. Occasional mud pools are beginning to form.

Towards the Rašica village and in the shade, snow persists.

The near-fall

While running down some natural stairs I wasn't careful enough and slipped on an incline. My left leg stretched forward into the infinity and I was lucky that the other foot had a firm grip. I managed to catch myself by breaking the fall with the hands behind my back millimeters before sitting down inelegantly.

Running back, where the marsh is, the road was covered with thick ice edge to edge. I took the bush path here and threaded very carefully.

Magpies' Valley at its finest.

Running power and altitude graphs show many stops and climbs. I like these lines.

The map. Magpie's Valley in its best with many walkers enjoying the Friday afternoon sun. It is right so that people enjoy nature!

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You have the best trail runs. Nice new shoes too ;-)

Thanks :)