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RE: Morning Run - Xmas streak, day 4

in EXHAUST4 months ago

What is a hurricane or was it just some sort of named depression? I haven't heard about Bella at all. That is awesome that you were able to get out and run. Also nice that the damage was minimal. We have snow on the ground and are sitting at about 25 degrees right now. Looks like we will probably be in for the day unless we start to get stir crazy!


Bella is just a named storm. High winds here, but worse elsewhere with some flooding in places. Any snow tends to bring chaos around us as we do not cope well with it, but no sign of any yet.

Ah, okay. Typically around here many people forget how to drive when the first snow comes, but then as the second and third hit they tend to get back into the groove of things. It is definitely a skill that requires lots of practice.