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When I learned about the Peakd and
@esteemapp platforms from my friend @iliyan90, my first question to him was whether different products could be advertised here.
He answered me that is possible. So far I have not taken this opportunity, but today I will.


I want to share with you a site where you can bet/gamble with cryptocurrencies !! The website name is

And it's a place where you can bet cryptocurrencies on various sporting events, slot machines, roulettes and even poker!

With my refferal link you are going to get 100% FREE BONUS from your first deposit. That's what I did last friday.

Of course you have to be over 21 to bet.

Depositing is super easy - of course you can choose a lot of different currencies to deposit. This are some of the cryptocurrency that you can gamble with.


I deposited $ 10 in Bitcoin, which came to my account almost instantly.

As I told you, you get a bonus equal to the amount you have deposited. This happens again in seconds as soon as your money reaches your account.


Yes, my account name is "Boratino". I was hoping it would bring me luck :)

The first thing I did was to bet on football matches, because I am very good in this predictions..

I bet $ 5 on a possible $ 40 win, but unfortunately I didn't win one of the matches.

Тhen I tried there slot machines..

Annotation 20200717 211533.png

I made a little profit. It is interesting how you can win a few hundred dollars just by clicking the button. Of course you can lose it too.. :)

In this casino website there are a lot of games, some of them are very popular.


Like FLAMING FRUIT. I decided to check their poker tournamets, because I love playing this game.

Annotation 20200717 211214.png

To participate in a tournament you have to pay 2 or 4 dollars. I decided to pay 2 as it was my first game for the day..

The jackpot is $5000/ $10000, which is crazy.

For those who have never played poker in tournaments - after paying $ 2 you sit at a table with 2 other people and start on a par with 500 chips. The one who beats the other two wins the amount that falls in the beginning.

In my case, $ 4 fell. Unfortunately ... Because I won..


For those who like this kind of entertainment, I invite you to use my registration link.

And don't forget to play smart :)



Gambling one of our biggest weakness;)

Yep, it is :) But if you are playing poker as a game of Math, is something different. Anyways I don't reccomend people to spend their money on gambling, but if you are doing it anyways they should try this website ;)

Can you play poker against people?

Sure.. This website actually is pretty good.

Оok that's good to know ;)

This is the future of gambling

Yes, it is my friend :)

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Sure :)

Casino 🎰

Actually I like Poker :)

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You're welcome @lyubo19👍🙂