Mi colección Rising star actualizacion R18 Toadie/My collection Rising star update R18 Toadie

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Nueva actualizacion de mi coleccion de Rising star y hoy he conseguido un gran avance R18 Toadie y todo gracias a la generosidad de @degranoengrano. Ya sumo 40 cartas en mi colección. Como tengo algunas repetidas he puesto tres a la venta pero también las intercambio si alguien esta interesado.
Bueno esta es mi ultima adquisición:

New update of my Rising star collection and today I have achieved a breakthrough R18 Toadie and all thanks to the generosity of @degranoengrano. I already have 40 cards in my collection. As I have some repeated I have put three for sale but I also exchange them if someone is interested.
Well this is my latest acquisition:

Yo soy mas un coleccionista que un jugador a si que mi objetivo sera conseguir todas las cartas del juego para completar la colección.
Para conseguirlo ademas de jugar haré compras, concursos, sorteos y alguna otra sorpresa interesante.

Espero poder conseguirlo por que no hay peor colección que la que no se completa.
Un saludo a todos y espero que podamos ayudarnos mutuamente.

I am more of a collector than a player, so my goal will be to get all the cards in the game to complete the collection.
To achieve this, in addition to playing, I will make purchases, contests, raffles and some other interesting surprises.

I hope I can get it because there is no worse collection than the one that is not completed.
Greetings to all and I hope we can help each other.

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Very cool post, Toadie always in my team, lots of skill and no fans is the best for ego



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Thanks for the reblog, the pizza and the beer.

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I think discord is probably your best bet at trading or selling cards. I don't know how often people buy cards off the open market.