Rising Star: Daily status and card give away - Day 35

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Welcome to day 35 of daily card give away.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I have now moved to level 41 and taking up the "Record a demo" mission which costs 100% energy and takes 200 minutes to complete.

>>Daily status<<


Ranking: 39
Level: 41
Fans: 24636
Luck: 8213
Skill: 25797
Income multiplier: 477

>>Card winners<<

Ten participants for todays give away. Best of luck!!

@mawit07 : i10
@monsterbuster : i18
@proto26 : i19
@mimismartypants : i9
@bocatan : R27
@bitandi : R32

Congratulations to all the winners!! Cards have been sent out.

There is always a next time for those who missed.

>>Rising star tips till now<<

This section will be part of every post and will be a growing list of tips which will be updated as and when I get new tips in the comments.

  1. Take music lessons when possible to raise skill and reduce ego.

  2. Having lesson specific instruments helps in receiving more skill from that lesson.

  3. Have pizza box to store any pizza received during mission to reuse later.

  4. Buy cold pizza slice if possible. This gives 1 refill every 24hours. Comes very handy when you are low on energy.

  5. If you have enough of cold pizza slice and pizza box, you will never run out of energy.

  6. If you have more fans than skill and you want reduce the ego , you can use a storage trailer to store unnecessary cards. Or you can list the card in market for an unreasonably high price.

  7. Ego received for a particular mission increases every time you play it. The ego is reset to base level the next day. So, try to play different missions to control the ego gained.

  8. Keep track of your achievements to unlock in game rewards and

  9. Buy storage trailer (only if necessary) to keep the cards that might have a negative effect. Like a card with high fan count resulting in ego.

  10. When earning skill points through music lessons, you can earn more points per lesson if you hold more of specific instrument cards. There seems to be base skill which is rewarded irrespective of the card count and then the skill increases depending on the number of the lesson specific card one has.

  11. Try taking up many smaller missions to fill up pizza boxes and have extra energy to play more rewarding missions. But you need to have pizza boxes for this to work.

>>Cards opened for next give away<<


>>Card give away rules<<

Please up vote and comment on the post to be eligible for next draw.

Please reblog if its fine.

You may comment about strategy to play, best practices on blogging / give away or any information you like to share.


Better luck next time :)

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Thanks for the helpful tips
Will try to focus on a music lesson with specific instrument.
Best of luck

Thx for good Card.
In for next giveaway

Nice tips to play better...
Consider me in for the giveaway.....

Thanks for the card! I hope I win again.

I am in for the next round

I am glad you had a nice Christmas. No new tips for me.

Nice! Thanks for the Frankie!

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Thanks for the card. Great giveaways as always.

Hoping for better luck next time. Congrats to the winners.

Yay thanks for my card!! Merry Chrismas to you! Hope you enjoyed the celebrations!!

Lets see if my luck works out again! Holding thumbs for the next giveaway!

Thank you
I am in

Congrats for level 41!

I am just working on achievements now. Trying to close the Illegal Busking part now :)

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Thanks for this post and for the useful tips that are inside. I do a reblog

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Second day for me so no strategy yet.Going for my first cards

Cool, i'm in for the giveaway :)