Could you sing well?

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There are no born singers. Nobody is born singing. Everybody learned it. How did they get it? Let me introduce you to our friend:

Develop your muscle memory

Procedural memory or neuro-muscular memory describes the phenomenon by which the body is capable of reproducing an action, or a sequence of actions, automatically or semi-automatically.

The driving of a car, the pulses of the fingers of a pianist or the steps of a dancer are executed, in a semi-unconscious way, thanks to this type of memory.

The voice, as a neuro-muscular process that it is, also works like this. Therefore, through practice, correct practice, the correct movements can be learned previously: rehearsing, practicing and studying.

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The human voice is produced by muscles.

And they can learn.

Does this mean that anyone can be a wonderful artist?… Well, surely not. But if you can become a good singer, and believe me, if you enjoy your liberated, empowered voice, the pleasure of your experience will be the same as that of the best vocalist in the world.

Train your discipline and autonomy

So singing well does not depend on talent, but on practice. But what if the ability to be constant, discipline, and perseverance were genetic issues, born talents? Or is it rather that they can be developed?

Honestly, I don't know, although I prefer to believe the latter.

There may be people who have more favorable genes, or a more suitable family or cultural environment, but any artist has to know that they will have to row against the current if they want to achieve.

I will not fool you. Nothing worthwhile on that path is easily achieved, and to learn you have to invest hours, many hours.

Muscle memory requires practice and perseverance, but you are passionate about singing, so they will surely be the best hours of your entire life.

Find a good singing method

Effort is not a value in itself.

For example, it can be useless no matter how heroic it is. Pushing a wall through it, being able to use a door whose existence we have not noticed, is not meritorious, it is stupid.

A good method of singing, and there are many and of many styles, is a door. Open your eyes.

Warms up the voice

The first step of every good singer

Warming up your voice is the first thing you should do because warming up your voice, in addition to preparing it for the song, concert or recording that you will make later, you will be studying.

Improving your coordination, expanding your capabilities, establishing procedural memory, go.

Usa playbacks

It would be wonderful to have a teacher with the piano accompanying us with the scales to warm up, whenever we need it, but that is not possible.

Nor is it essential. Look for some backing tracks, or playbacks with the scales to study more effectively. Make sure they match your tessitura!

It's also a good idea to use instrumental or karaoke versions of the songs you are learning. You can even raise or lower them to match your voice!

Imitate other singers, and do covers.

The best way to learn to sing is… singing. Some of the best vocalists in history, in modern singing, have not received a single formal singing class. But what they have done is learn from others.

Imitation is one of the most powerful tools you have to learn. Imitate, learn to modulate and modify your timbre to increase your color palette, and make versions.

I would recommend that you learn a minimum of 50 songs. There are not so many and if you learn one a week, in a year you have that repertoire learned. And listen to them and listen to yourself when you do them.


and dont forget the emotional/psychological side of singing, nerves are easier the worst enemy for a singer

'Easy' to say, but I wonder if I will be able to sing in a way it'll not let other run away the moment they hear me sing. I have no ability to keep a note at all. Sounds to bad when I try, I hardly can imagine I'll ever be able to keep a tone or note.

Sure, practise, but I shall first take classes from someone who can help me to keep a tone or note. When I can';t do that, no point to even try further :)

How is your voice doing? Something you can share with us?

I am lucky to be able to sing, since I had training in my adolescence, when I was studying guitar, it had to be accompanied by singing, together with its chords and notes, according to the timbre of my voice. Then I joined a choir, which also helped me a lot in giving strength and strength to my singing. And yes, as I express it in the post, just follow those steps or some of them, and it will be of great help.

I am lucky to be able to sing, since I had training in my adolescence

Thats super cool!

just follow those steps or some of them, and it will be of great help.

With 5 decades on the clock, am wondering if I shall spend time to learn singing. When I like to learn something in the music side of things, it'll probably plauing the piano. For now, I seem to spend all my free time + some to more of my social time, in the HIVE ecosystem 😉

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