Crypto Warriors NFT (with audio) now available on GhostMarket and Phantasma chain [🇬🇧EN/ES 🇪🇸]

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Hello everybody

I'm happy to announce that we have just released the NFT Crypto Warriors that contains unlockable content, includes the song of the same title in .wav and .mp3 format, a GIF created for the occasion and the promotional mini-clip.

The song Crypto Warriors has been written and produced specifically for this special occasion by The Turtle Project, Juxta and Billy Korg, and will not be available on any other streaming or audio download platform. It is an exclusive and unique product from which only 100 units are going to be available, of which there are currently only 25 for sale.

Are You A Crypto Warrior? 😜

Crypto Warriors NFT1.gif




Estamos a tope esta semana porque acabamos de lanzar el NFT Crypto Warriors con contenido desbloqueable, incluye la canción del mismo título en formato .wav y .mp3 un GIF creado para la ocasión y el mini-clip promocional.

El tema Crypto Warriors ha sido escrito y producido especificamente para esta ocasión tan especial por The Turtle Project, Juxta y Billy Korg, y no estará disponible en ninguna plataforma de streaming o descarga de audio. Es un producto exclusivo y único del que solo van a sacarse 100 unidades, de las cuales actualmente hay 25 a la venta.

¿Eres tu también un/una Crypto Warrior? 😜


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Fantastica iniciativa.

Gracias master!

Interesting to read about this. I would like that NFT in my collection.

Yeah!! very cool, I would like to see your collection also!!!

z.nqw.wam mostly. with few on eth network.

This is some fantastic piece.

Is this NFT available on RisingStarGame or NFTShowroom or where? What is the price?


Thank you @atnep111 👍

Thank you mate, it is not a RS piece but it has been made by the same team 😋


Thank you friend, I was so thirsty 👍

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