The meaning of Siipknots masks

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Undoubtedly one of the most captivating things about the band Slipknot are their masks; each member has their own, In the following post I briefly tell you their meaning.

The band's DJ Sid Wilson originally wears a gas mask that over time and with each new album has undergone variations. Currently it has the shape of a skull but retains a certain resemblance to the original mask.

Chris Fehn's mask has been virtually the same throughout the band's history. A mask with a 16 cm nose, reminiscent of the Pinocchio of children's fairy tales; and also, in a more twisted form, of the doctors during the black plague. The meaning of this mask is good humor. According to all Slipknot members, Fehn is always in a good mood.

The first time Root used a mask for Slipknot was that of his predecessor, guitarist Josh Brainard, a Bondage mask that he found uncomfortable. He decided on a white Asian Jester mask that he has been customizing, adding color, volume and even zippers. The only meaning Root gave to the mask is that of the union of a Mime with a jester.

Craig Jones has kept the simple and original idea of his mask: lots of nails. Over the years the size and number of nails has grown (133 have been counted). The mask, according to Jones, reflects his "Inner Self".

The mask that started it all. Craham thought it was fun to wear a mask inside the band, so he paid $49 dollars for one at a Halloween store and that's where the myth began. The mask has undergone variations, but the concept is always the same, a clown, or at least a clown nose. According to Crahan, the meaning is nothing more than his crazy way of being.

MIck Thomson's one is a metal mask reminiscent of those worn by field hockey players. It has not undergone remarkable variations, and the meaning of it is Thomson's cold and inert temperament.

Taylor's mask is changing and evolving with each new Slipknot album. With the first albums, Taylor wore a white mask with natural and artificial dreadlocks, then, he moved on to a dirty, sloppy, two-color mask, on the fourth album the mask was latex, tight-fitting, and with strange circular holes in the eyes. His current mask is the closest to the figure of a human being, it has stitches in the cheeks and certain facial imperfections. The meaning of Taylor's mask is change. According to him, no human being remains stable and unchangeable.


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