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RE: A Week Of Musicforlife πŸ‘€πŸŽΌ- Real Value to the Hive Blockchain

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By the way. who controls the @al-fund account and what is its purpose?

Thank you!

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Hey ervin, well is a account used by the team to balance the rewards in some posts. Its part of the plan to protect the economy, actually our biggest problem is @houseoftribes upvoting indiscriminately to all the posts.

Aha, that's why one of my posts was downvoted?

Then, what's your policy on posting YouTube musical videos which aren't yours?

Thanks for your answer.

Well I don't remember the post itself, but it's okay to share YouTube videos as long as you add value to it. Curators usually recommend more than 100-150 words, so if the post is only 2 sentences long, it is normal to receive corrections in the rewards. I'm sorry for the bad experience and we will encourage the effort :) I hope to read you soon

It's OK. I was just wondering about the rules of the game :)

thanks for being comprehensible :) !!