Music4Life: What an Awesome day... Finally all stars are coming together for the rewards

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Hello Community

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So what an Awesome day it has been... so it is finally time for the M4L rewards to flow through consistently from today. I had a look at the history and was happy to see all of the above lines.


So I have been posting consistently over the past week. It is finally time for the post rewards to come through as it has matured on the 7th day. Now there will be a continuous stream of rewards going forward.

The rewards will primarily come in 3 forms:

  1. Post Rewards
  2. Curation Rewards
  3. Mining Rewards

Lets go through each in detail.

Post Rewards

I post around 2 times a day, maybe 3 sometimes.

  • a Giveaway post
  • a Rising Star Game status report
  • a Tip about the game post, or something interesting about the M4L platform.

On average my posts are getting 20 VIBES, sometimes more, sometimes less. However, we are looking at around 20 VIBES after curation rewards are taken out.

Daily Post Rewards: 20 VIBES

2. Curation rewards

I upvote posts whenever I am interested in a particular post. The number of votes are not consistent on a daily basis. I do not know how to optimize curation reward as I just upvote a post when I am interested.

From today, it seems that my curation reward comes out to be 8 VIBES.

Daily Curation rewards: 8 VIBES

3. Curation rewards

Game 690.JPG

For those who follow my posts will know that I purchased 210 VIBESM which is 1% of the total supply of mining tokens. It seems like something, but the mining rewards are actually quite random... Some days I get what I expect, and some days I just nothing...
So on average I will say I get around 4 VIBES per day.

Daily Mining Rewards: 4 VIBES


Total Daily Rewards:

  • Post Rewards: 20 VIBES
  • Curation Rewards: 8 VIBES
  • Mining Rewards: 4 VIBES

Total: 32 VIBES

Now you know I have a goal of reaching 10000 VIBES POWER by the end of the year, so I am staking whatever VIBES I receive.

Game 778.JPG

I will be hitting 2000 VIBES POWER very soon, probably before the weekend ends. That will then be 20% to my target which is quite awesome. Lets see how it goes.

Hope you enjoyed the post.
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Have a great day!


Nice job. I won 4 VIBESM and staked them but haven't got anything yet. From your ratio of about 4 VIBES per day, it means I should win about 1 drawing every week or 2.

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I got a huge number of vibes in the airdrop but I didn’t realize how valuable they were. I guess I’ll stop spending them in @risingstar and start staking! Thanks for the info, I learn something from you on daily basis 😁

Awesome man, Glad to know.

20% before end of first quarter is really awesome.
You are making good progress, Best of luck for the target.

nice one keep up the vibes!