Shroud - Featuring Holly

in Portrait Photography2 months ago


Hello again!

More shots from the recent session with Holly, with a completely different feel. This was going for a more fine art-style, using very similar lighting techniques to the recent shoot.

A simple prop of a piece of fabric can go a long way in transforming an otherwise basic set up.






Shot in my home studio, with some light gels, and a simple piece of fabric. Holly did an outstanding job producing anguished poses and expressions, and my job was rather easy - focus and make sure I captured the right moment throughout her flow posing.

Only the focusing for this series was rather difficult, owing to the layering impact of the fabric and flesh - but 5.6 as an aperture did the job for these shots.

Thanks for dropping by!


Is that two different pieces of cloth or different types of lighting?

I was going to ask if you had fun focusing XD

One piece of cloth!

But two different ones with different colours and textures. :)