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RE: Hive Portrait Photography Contest Week 8 Starts Today!!!

Glad this is still going, not so glad I injured my hamstring and glute muscles which meant I had to cancel two shoots because I could barely walk (and can only still just do so!)


Ouch, been there recently myself. Worked out too hard after being cooped up for a long time without any real exercise. How did it happen to you?

It is a very boring story. Quite the opposite - did a sequence of 110 hour fortnights at work, without leaving the house - with having back to back meetings on MS Teams, and then unwinding by sitting down on my arse and playing video games - which led to the muscle going into spasm.

Listen learned: listen to my physiotherapist and do the exercises she reccomends.

As a 33 year old "youngin", I bought my first walking stick today to help me get out of bed in the mornings when this flares up - I'm preparing for my retirement - by being on hive, and by buying something I'll need in old age - a walking cane!