"Descend" - A 15 image photo story about a fallen angel

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After lots and lots of hours of photo manipulation, retouching, adjusting lighting, and concreting my creative vision - it is finally done. I wanted to tell a story with this entire set of images. I didn't know how long that story would be, or how many images it would include.

Now that I'm done, fifteen feels about right.

Take this series of images as a linked narrative, and make of it what you will. It's designed to be open for interpretation.

These images were shot in my tiny, tiny home studio.




I want to continue developing my photography in two streams - narrative, structured work - with another stream of one-off images that can standalone and be dense with narrative. Just like good writing, it will be all about compressing information and saying more with less.

I look forward to where that takes me. That's the creative side, then there will be the commercial side, which will just to do whatever the client tells me to do, and produce the best possible work within their brief.

Two sides to every coin.

Shot mostly on my 24-70, D750, and with a Godox AD200 as my mainlight, camera left. Two speedlights in use, one camera right, firing into a white wall with an orange gel on it, and another with a grid and diffuser behind the model to apply a slight back light to the images.

Model: Holly Boon
Make Up Artist: Jay Jay's Glitz and Glam
Photographer: @holoz0r

Thanks for dropping by. Please let me know your thoughts, or if you have any questions at all about my process, ask! I love to share my knowledge. Feedback and critique welcomed!


I especially love the last image ... but the whole series is great. It really tells a story, but the last one is spectacular IMO ... and that one really stands out for me. That one alone can tell a whole story on itself. Great job done here!

Hey there, thanks for stopping by!

Glad to hear that - it was fun manipulating that in Photoshop. :D I spent a few hours on that image to try and get it to be as convincing as possible. Glad it did the trick!

I've decided I love your narrative photography too XD

And I now understand why you were doing the lighting stuff on some of them :)

I love the "crying" one, it feels really emotional.

But they were all good.

Wow, absolutely stunning work. And love those blood drenched wings.

Cheers! I'll be doing a vampire shoot with holly and a friend of hers in the future - there'll be more blood :)