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RE: Introducing: AltYes - The New Way to Share Your Content

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I still have no idea what you talk about.
A tool to share a complete post elsewhere or just a link?
What about mobile users?

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It will share a brief description of the post and allow you to add your own unique content with up to 65,000 characters for a description to Steem itself. When sharing to other platforms, they have their own criteria, say for instance, Twitter, will only allow you 280 characters. :) Hope that answers your question.

I understand. Thank you for taking the time to explain this. I wonder if you share on other platforms or from other platforms to Steem you cannot change the post and make it look better?
Happy Friday. 💕

There is an option to edit the content shared :)

unknown png  1920×1080  3.png

Thank you for sharing this and showing where to find that option. Enjoy your day 💕