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What does your income from Hive represent for you?

Honestly? That putting work, time and effort into posts is time wasting. I stopped posting on the Hive blockchain 2 months ago (I posted my latest post on 2020.06.03). The real human comments was rare, and I earned a few cents with my posts, no matter what I have done, what I have tried. It is not worth it. Nowadays I am not really using the Hive blockchain, with the exception of the Steem Monsters/Splinterlands game.


Dear @xplosive, @achim03

Im starting to have an impression, that your only reason to be present on steemit/hive is to complain about lack of engagement and lack of rewards.

I've been seeing many of your posts complaining about it. And when I invited you to our community (I did it twice) - you are the one who NEVER bothered to reply and didn't act on it.

I sometimes wonder what is your agenda. Always constantly "attacking" those 2 blockchains with never-ending complains.

Regards, Piotr

Those are old posts. I did not even posted anything in the recent past.
I may try starting posting again. Mostly in the Project Hope community. The upvote I received on my comment above feels encouraging. I do not want to complain, nor "attack" anyone or anything. I just/only wrote my personal experiences about these 2 blockchains.

Hi @xplosive

Consider joining our PH community discord server:

I will gladly introduce you to our community goals and vision so you could see if this is something worth your time and attention.

Cheers, Piotr

Entry 3

Thanks a lot for taking part in this. I'm sorry content creation doesn't work for you but hey we still have splinterlands :-). For me splinterlands represents a big chunk of my income on Hive.