Learn from your own mistakes.

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Living is to have the opportunity to collect successes and mistakes along the journey, alternating between moments of joy and sadness... Being happy or not. It is not a search for a prize, but for brief moments where we feel alive enough to see how valuable and essential these quick fractions of events are.

All of this helps to build who we will become throughout life. We change, and sometimes we don't realize it because we can't see ourselves from the outside and we need outside help. But sooner or later, we need to learn to do this because, mainly through our mistakes, we have a chance to be better.

Nobody likes to make mistakes and that is a fact. However, some people manage to deal with these episodes in a lighter and easier way... not accepting them, but using them as a bridge to cross bitter situations. The "secret" is to understand, and accept as a great truth that we all make mistakes, but that these mistakes do not define us forever.

Those who learn from their own mistakes have a higher resilience power and know that incredible lessons can come from this perception. Ignoring this represents a delay, as well as creating barriers to who you may become. Changing is not an easy process, accepting and learning from your mistakes is a great step forward.

This learning is perhaps the most important lesson of our lives, because everything tends to start with the transformation of our concepts. Who we are, what we will want, where we should go, what we need to change... Anyway, it is an internal transformation in the soul, which reflects on our exterior and can also impact other people.

Aprende de tus propios errores.

Vivir es tener la oportunidad de acumular aciertos y errores a lo largo del camino, alternando momentos de alegría y tristeza... Ser feliz o no. No es una búsqueda de un premio, sino de breves momentos en los que nos sentimos lo suficientemente vivos como para ver cuán valiosas y esenciales son estas fracciones rápidas de eventos.

Todo esto ayuda a construir lo que seremos a lo largo de la vida. Cambiamos y, a veces, no nos damos cuenta porque no podemos vernos desde afuera y necesitamos ayuda externa. Pero tarde o temprano, debemos aprender a hacer esto porque, principalmente a través de nuestros errores, tenemos la oportunidad de ser mejores.

A nadie le gusta cometer errores y eso es un hecho. Sin embargo, algunas personas logran lidiar con estos episodios de una manera más liviana y fácil... no aceptándolos, sino usándolos como puente para atravesar situaciones amargas. El "secreto" es comprender y aceptar como una gran verdad que todos cometemos errores, pero que estos errores no nos definen para siempre.

Aquellos que aprenden de sus propios errores tienen un mayor poder de resiliencia y saben que de esta percepción pueden surgir lecciones increíbles. Ignorar esto representa una demora, además de crear barreras en lo que puede convertirse. Cambiar no es un proceso fácil, aceptar y aprender de tus errores es un gran paso adelante.

Este aprendizaje es quizás la lección más importante de nuestra vida, porque todo tiende a comenzar con la transformación de nuestros conceptos. Quiénes somos, qué querremos, hacia dónde debemos ir, qué necesitamos cambiar... En definitiva, se trata de una transformación interna en el alma, que se refleja en nuestro exterior y también puede impactar a otras personas.

Aprenda com os seus próprios erros.

Viver é ter a oportunidade de colecionar acertos e erros ao longo da jornada, alternando entre momentos de alegria e tristeza... Sendo felizes, ou não. Não se trata de uma busca por um prêmio, mas sim por breves momentos onde nós nos sentimos vivos o suficiente para enxergar o quão valiosas e essenciais são essas rápidas frações de acontecimentos.

Tudo isso ajuda a construir quem nós vamos nos tornando ao longo da vida. Nós mudamos, e às vezes não percebemos isso porque nós não conseguimos nos enxergar pelo lado de fora e precisamos de uma ajuda externa. Mas cedo ou tarde, nós precisamos aprender a fazer isso porque, principalmente através dos nossos erros, nós temos a chance sermos melhores.

Ninguém gosta de errar e isso é um fato. No entanto, algumas pessoas conseguem lidar com esses episódios de uma maneira mais leve e mais fácil... Não aceitando-os, mas usando-os como uma ponte para atravessar situações amargas. O "segredo" é entender, e aceitar como grande verdade que todos nós erramos, mas que esses erros não nos definem para sempre.

Aqueles que aprendem com os próprios erros tem um poder de resiliência mais alto e sabem que lições incríveis podem surgir com essa percepção. Ignorar isso representa um atraso, e também uma criação de barreiras em relação a quem você pode vir a se tornar. Mudar não é um processo fácil, aceitar e aprender com os próprios erros já é um ótimo avanço.

Esse aprendizado talvez sejam a lição mais importante de nossas vidas, porque tudo tende a começar pela transformação dos nossos conceitos. Quem somos, o que nós quereremos, por onde devemos seguir, o que nós precisamos mudar... Enfim, é uma transformação interna na na alma, que reflete no nosso exterior e também pode impactar as outras pessoas.


hi @wiseagent

Changing is not an easy process, accepting and learning from your mistakes is a great step forward.

This is a very important sentence. To change, we must first accept that there is something to change. Only then can we learn from our mistakes and find a new way forward.

Nice article my friend.

You're totally right, @awah.

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hi dear @wiseagent
It hurts me to see that I have friends who make the same mistake over and over again, in the process I suffered from this illness, I don't know what happened to me I didn't learn, but lately I have improved that part, to be successful it is essential to learn from mistakes.

God bless you

I'm sure you're gonna make it.

Stay safe, @ramsesuchiha.

Greetings my friend @wiseagent. A very thoughtful post.
I like to read a lot about these topics, I once read something in a book that stuck in my memory, it is possible not to see it as a mistake but as an opportunity to learn that it should not be like that, and that is what life is about, learning to move forward and that those situations that sometimes we don't like are not repeated.

I fully agree with this, @yusvelasquez.

There is no doubt that learning from your mistakes is important. Since no one goes through life without failing at some point, and learning from our mistakes is what makes us better, as long as we use them to push us, since many times when we do not recognize them we make them again.

Punishing yourself is normal (in certain situations), but it shouldn't last forever.

Making mistakes allows us to learn, even though it is not easy to know that we made a mistake, after we move forward and overcome that mistake we realize that we are wiser and that this experience can contribute to our future successes.

Nobody likes to make mistakes, @trabajosdelsiglo... However, some people can deal with them better.

The fact we are alive and still breathing making mistakes are inevitable, embracing such mistakes and moving forward is what defines us.

Really appreciate your effort sharing this information thanks much.

Having the opportunity to be better is what motivates us to overcome mistakes.

Thanks for stopping by, @mccoy02.

Greetings @wiseagent

Knowing how to recognize our mistakes, and then meditate on how we can improve our aptitude when presented with a new situation, is a way to live in a balanced way, because we are certainly always going to make mistakes, the key is to decipher them to build our best version as people. Excellent manuscript, best regards. We will keep reading.

We always have to be willing to learn, because life will never stop teaching us.

Thanks for a such great comment, @lupafilotaxia.

Hello @wiseagent.
Great content that you share with us this time, it is always important to take into account what you express because throughout our lives we are presented with some difficulties that make us make mistakes from which we must learn from them to grow as a person and also to help correct mistakes of other people around us.

Thanks for sharing such interesting content with all of us.

No teacher can be better than our own mistakes.

Thanks for your great comment, @rbalzan79.

Hello friend, an excellent reflection, our mistakes leave us great messages, great teachings, they make us acquire experiences and also see life from another point of view. Of course, not everyone sees mistakes as learning, there are those who fall into depression or simply continue on the wrong path, but I think that sooner or later we have to learn, whether by hook or by crook.

Thanks for this nice publication, greetings!

I think that to make mistakes is to have the opportunity to mature, but it is a pity that not everyone can (or does not want to) learn this.

Thanks for stopping by, @franyeligonzalez.