HIVE WRITING CONTEST (PH Community): "Boxes of Hopes".

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Boxes of Hope

Hi, folks! How are you?

As some of you already know (considering all the amazing comments I wrote in my first post published here), I'm one of them recent users here in the PH Community (by the way, a great community) and I got here after an invitation from @crypto.piotr / @project.hope after I wrote and published a post as part of an initiative about great leaders.

I was incredibly well received by many members (to be even more honest, much better than I could imagine) and as a way of thanking (I know this is not necessary, but I wanted to do it anyway) I decided to run a small,quick and simple (but very nice) contest to promote even more engagement among users here.


What is the meaning of this word?

Inspire yourselves and write a post (no less than 250 words, in English or Spanish) answering that question and publish it on your own Hive page. Mention this link in your post (so that more people can participate) and leave a comment (in this post, so that I can read them all) with the link to your entry.

I based myself on this question (to create the contest exclusively for members of this place) considering the name of the community itself and the purpose behind it. The word "hope" has many meanings and interpretations and I would very much like to read your views on this very broad feeling.

ATENTION: I will read and judge all entries that have been written (repeating: only by members of the PH community) until the next 23rd and announce the result on the 25th of June.


  • First Place: 05 HIVE.

  • Second Place: 03 HIVE.

  • Third Place: 02 HIVE.

Sincerely, I hope you enjoyed the idea and write your entries (I see many people who write very well) and interact with each other by visiting and commenting on all posts (not just the contest posts obviously, but from the whole community) because together... We are all strong and we can help each other better.

Greetins from Brazil and stay safe, Hivers!


@crypto.piotr / @project.hope

I forgot to add "ph-fund" as beneficiary of this post, but I promise to send the amount collected (referring to the percentage established by the project) with this post as soon as I receive it.

So, I'm sorry for the mistake.

Hi @wiseagent

Please do not stress out about it :)

I'm fully aware how difficult it is to build new habbit. Upvoted your post with some decent upvotes + our curation trail.

Hope to see your content more often within our PH community.
Yours, Piotr

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Good to see another contest and happy that the leadership post helped you get engaged. Good to have you as part of our community.

Thanks, @awah.

Thanks for the initiative friend, it's good to see that there is still interest from community members! I'm sure I'll participate!

Great initiative!
I like to see how our members engage with the community.
Thank you.

Thanks, @juanmolina.

Hola, voy a publicar en mi blog con respecto a la Esperanza. Gracias.@rubjoya

Hola, @rubjoya... Estoy esperando leer tu publicación en el concurso.

Hola, la envié, ¿le llego?

No entiendo, @rubjoya. ¿A qué te refieres?


You're welcome.

Ahhhaaaa, I didn't know there was a contest, just came across through your post and coincidentally I made one post on the topic.
Never Give up...........Hope is what keeps us going.......