Discover the best and worst ranked companies in Human Rights !

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Costco, Prada and Starbucks challenged on human rights disclosures (FT)


  • A group of 176 international investors has sent a letter targeting every company that scored zero on human rights due diligence in the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark’s (CHRB) 2019 assessment.
  • The letter called for companies to take “decisive action” to report on how they approach human rights before the CHRB begins its next round of assessments.
  • Some of the worst performing companies in 2019 included household names such as Canon, Carlsberg, Starbucks, Gazprom, and Costco Wholesale.

Analysis and Comments

  • A bit of a reminder that amidst the coronavirus crisis, ESG matters such as the above have not been put on hold and in many cases are more pressing than ever as businesses are faced with making difficult decisions regarding business continuity and their supply chains.
  • The 2019 ranking can be found here.
  • As is often the case with ESG data, this is also partially a disclosure and transparency issue.
  • Companies that have maintained top positions include Adidas, Unilever, and Marks & Spencer.


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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

i call censorship. most western news outlets are unwilling to comment about chinese concentration camps and organ harvest and medical experiments. many chinese medical papers get retracted because their human testing had non volunteering volunteers who were either from the illegal religion falun gong religion or uigur (but mostly falun gong)... these companies might have benefited from child labor but not concentration camps and organized killing as some chinese pharma companies, medical companies or productions...

foreign companies get lured to china (not other cheap labor countries where they do not have to hand over trade secrets) because of their slave labor... which is why volkswagen sets up production in xinjiang (yes the same company that benefited from concentration camps in brasil during their dictatorship and germany during our dictatorship)