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What my income from Hive represent for me by @Uyobong
It is interesting to share personal experiences and testimonials concerning my journeying on the Hive blockchain and the earnings, Thanks to @achim03 for thinking this and kudos to the leadership of the @Project.hope community for sponsoring it.

My entry:

I had used the internet for about 15 years before joining Steem about 30 months ago. I had also engaged social platforms for about 10 years before Steem, yet, it was "tale" that one could earn from socializing until my journey on Steem began on January 24, 2018 which later metamorphosed to Hive in March 2020.

Yesterday, I had shared in this post that I have earned 8,096 HIVE so far according to Hivestats and that culminates to over $2,000. Earning that much from a socialmedia means a whole lot to me. I wish to enlist as below:

  • My Hive earnings presently contributes about 30% to my total monthly income.
  • I have used Hive earnings to fix and buy new gadgets for my Training Hub as well as personal gadgets like Phones.
  • I have used Hive earnings to sponsor others in academics and skills acquisition.
  • I have used Hive earnings for personal knowledge development.
  • I have used Hive earnings to boost my cryptocurrency investments.
  • I am building a charity foundation @Hiveaid with my Hive earnings which would give succor to humanity in areas of education, health, environmental protection and skills acquisition.

It's really been a good thing to be a part of this blockchain and earning here.

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Entry 1

Thanks a lot for taking part and sharing your story. It's quite impressive what you have reached so far and how you are using your Hive earnings!

Yeah, it's interesting to always look back to see how best one was able to maximize his time and opportunities.