Pitfalls to getting rich on a Crypto-powered blogging platform like Hive

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It is always an exciting experience each time I look back to see ho w I've grown in value here on this blockchain by creating content. Yes! the journey started from content creation, then curation and investment added over time. It's been a interesting journey though I had my falls and would always love to share it with the new users who join us here.


Blogging on a cryptocurrency-powered platform like Hive, Steem, Uptrennd, Ox and many more coming must first of all be seen as a business opportunity if one must create some financial value from it. This post is aimed at highlighting and discussions some pitfalls, which if avoided, any user can grow rich here by blogging and curating here. I have elucidated six of those pitfalls as follows:

  • Lack of Financial Education
  • Inherited perception of Work Concept
  • Physical and Mental Laziness
  • Lack of Patience and inability to delay gratifications
  • "I'm very busy" mentality
  • Procrastination

Note that these pitfalls also apply for other business. Also note that all funds I have invested in Hive and related tokens were all earned from content creation. Let's discuss the points in details.

1. Lack of Financial Education

Many are failing to be rich here and other business opportunities because they simply lack financial education. Many have neglected the patience needed for learning. It becomes more difficult for a blockchain project like this which is replete in documentation and training modules. Many quickly give up creating contents on this platform because they have not been trained on the rudiments of success here. This therefore creates the demand for an organized and funded mentorship.

2. Inherited perception of Work Concept

Some people have been laddened with the idea that "work" must be "hard". Some are too quick to snap "how would one make money by just creating contents?". Many people have inherited this wring mentality from their social and cultural backgrounds thereby denying themselves of unique opportunities for earnings.

3. Physical and Mental Laziness

This pitfall is very common in some countries whee people have been made to look up to government alone for their sustenance. Some people are so weak physically that they can't spend some tangible minutes to create a content. Some have the mental weakness of "thinking" , thereby missing out of a creative world. However, I make bold to say that creativity is not sophisticated and not costly. All that is required is a relaxed mind that is solution-seeking.

4. Lack of Patience and inability to delay gratifications

Every investment needs time to grow. SO is content creation business and curation. Blogging and curating on a crypto-powered blockchain like Hive is not a ponzi and get-rich-quick scheme. There must be an understanding of "organic growth". Hive Power cannot grow altogether to give a $1 vote in one week. It requires some patience to follow through the growth process. This patience is also needed to be able to delay instant gratifications which push new users of even less than 50 HP to power down their earnings.


5. "I'm very busy" mentality

I could remember some time when I spoke to an unemployed graduate about creating contents on Hive and all I got was that "he's busy". Further questioning revealed that he was busy busy scavenging the internet and post offices for job advertorials. Busyness should always bring forth a result of a "busy account", if not, either there's something wrong with the work or something wrong with the worker. However, employees are most likely to fall a prey here when they have to work from 8 to 5 for their boss. I know how much coins I miss out each day I get so busy that I can't make a post.

6. Procrastination

I've been caught-up in this net for several times. Every investment is a function of time. I can remember some time ago when I was contemplating to buy into a new token, I told myself to wait a little further to assess the risk the more, and lo, the price shifted from $0.01 to $0.035 which became so costly for me to invest. Everyone who aspires to be rich must be ready to act in time and ensure to attend to daily tasks as at when due.

I would be glad to share thoughts with you on what are the pitfalls to getting rich on a crypto-powered blogging platform like Hive. Let's maximize the comments section of this blog post.


The opportunity is before people if they are willing to take it. Each week, we see more taking place on here which is truly exciting.

In fact, this can be expanded to the entire crypto space.

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Hello @uyobong
This post is very accurate, in such a good way,
It is true, there are many false beliefs regarding what work is. It is thought that it must be hard, forced, so that you can really earn enough money, and nothing could be further from the truth; it is better to work intelligently than to force oneself. If you would rather lie in bed one day than write, you are already lost, it is that simple.
Learning about finances, developing financial intelligence is key in all this, educating yourself permanently, otherwise, failure will be a faithful companion.

Greetings friend, what a good article are many aspects that were addressed and all valid, I think the most common I've seen in some users is the lack of patience and little financial intelligence, I think these two elements will never allow you to grow economically on the platform.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, have a great week !

I have been on the platform for some time but my results are not the best with respect to time and that is due to my lack of constancy, it is something that affects a lot, delaying the things you have to do and personally I think that if it were not for @ josevas217 work on the platform in a profitable way would be impossible for me.

These are only impediments if we allow ourselves to be stopped. Good job listing them so we can avoid them.

Well, you sum it up pretty good... Sometimes it's a mix of the reasons, but also "getting rich" is a relative thing...

Maybe you will not get rich by blogging on Hive, but you can definitely earn money... And how much? That depends on you!

Great post!

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A lot of good points, and surely good to think trough.

Congrats on being featured by @russelstokley.

Hi @uyobong

Your post is so true. Patience and a strong will and mind you must have to make it on your own without a boss breathing down your neck.

This is a good post very good points made

There were a lot of great points in this post. A lot of us probably relate to at least 1 or of the items you discussed here. Unfortunately, some of it's human nature but it is up to each us to be proactive & keep ourselves on the right track.

I think if Hive had more programs like CTP on @ctptalk, it would help a lot of new Hive owners. The video training that is in CTP really helps people understand different aspects of the blockchain as well as other sources. It really is a one stop shop so I recommend it to any new people out there.

But really, when it comes down to it, we can have all of the tools & resources in the world but if we don't utilize them, then we won't make progress. So once we set on the path with a VISION, that will help us keep focused & maintain clarity.

Thanks for this awesome wealth of information. This is definitely good for many to read! :)💖

Nice post, thanks for sharing.

I also think that too many people are waiting to have something handed to them which goes along with the other pitfalls that you've mentioned.

I agree with you, the first thing you must have is your own initiative, start believing in ourselves that if we can undertake a good project without having a boss who is only waiting to send you or feel it in the paw of the ear shouting at you, you just have to have a little patience and willingness to achieve our valued objectives. Thank you for sharing such an important article.

You make many good points in this post and your six pitfalls are right on point. I guess it depends on how much time and effort you put into the blockchain on how much you actually get out of it. I would say the average person will make some money but not many will get rich unfortunately. For me, I am here for the long haul and intend on make a ton of money in time, but I know this isn't a get rich quick scheme so I am patient.

you make some very valid points here and am s. I know I can.ure that many can relate

I resonated with these points. Some depicted me at various moments in my life, others I see around as well. I'm glad I kept the tab open to read the post today. :)