Brave Tomoyan: Who Wants Brave Coin With Me... or Without Me

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Anybody else working on this? Tweet


Basically, modify Brave "new tab" design and BraveSampson will give you Brave coins 👇

I have done some modifications but it's not that interesting and I am already out of ideas 😓
So far, I changed a regular background to a Blockfi promo background and change the link to my page.

Changed the widget texts, but it doesn't look that interesting... I need some WOW factor...

My other modification is adding additional "widget" like this...

I really want to change the background but I am not sure what that works... 🤔
Maybe someone has better design ideas or suggestions?
Something that pops like 🤩 Anybody want to work with me?

Help me, Help you!


Of course, if you have better ideas, you can do it without me so you can get all them all, but if I get some coins, I will share with you, PROMISE!!!

Get Rewarded For Browsing! Are you Brave?

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I have brave browser on my phone, but when I try open the rewards on the browser, it says I don't have brave rewards on my phone.

Is brave rewards also an app?

How long you been using?

Been using brave browser for over a year but I updated it recently.

hmmm i have been using brave on my phone and i have got some BAT in there.
but you can't actually take out BAT from your mobile though...

Yeah but I don't know how to check the BAT.

Just click on the triangle icon?

Check this out


The reply after I clicked join rewards


Also brave ads are not available in every country so... depending on where you at too

Oh, maybe so. But check the screenshot I sent

I can't read the text, too small but you have to join the reward and connect your wallet to uphold account. And uphold will verify your identity and stuff. But this is not available for everyone so you need to check BAT is available in your country...

How many calls does this brave together support now?

Calls are unlimited but only in North America for now