Production Management: Understanding the Principles and Concepts

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A lot of activities take place before the appearance of a finished product we all admire. This article seeks to introduce us to these activities that take place in the production department which includes quality control and assurance, maintenance, repairs, production of goods and services anf other functions of production management.

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With regards to human population and essentiality, the demand for various goods and services is always on the increase. This is in response to continuous growth of both domestic and international market for goods and services, and this demand can only be met when a conscious effort is made towards the production of the requisite products needed to meet these human wants. With production, there will be no goods for consumption.

More so, the above implies that production cannot take place unless it is carefully planned and executed in line with market realities. Production isba planned process; it is not done hapharzardly. The essence of production is to create satisfaction or utility for identified set of target markets. Even though production of goods is principally the function of the production department, other functional areas of business must be involved if the production objectives will be met.

This is why the production department must work together and closely with other functional areas such as engineering, marketing, finance, purchasing, accounting and personnel in other to make some success. With the cooperation with these other departments, there will be no production. No department in a production firm is totally useless
because each has its own unique roles to play.

For instance, marketing identifies the need of the target market, finance ensures the availability and proper usage of funds, purchasing ensures that the right quality and quantity of materials are procured at the right price amongst others. Engineering on the other hand, prepares designs for products before it is finally passed to production department for fabrication. Personnel department advertises and recruits the right calibre of persons, trains, motivated and carries out other human resources functions. It is therefore glaring that the responsibility of satisfying the customers is the duty of every member of the business organization.

In the end, we see that production is a function of many other departments. It is thus the duty of the production manager to know how to delegate duties and when to employ the services of each department.


Hello, good information...The success of a company or business consists of the integrated functioning of various departments where production is only one of them. It is necessary that each department focuses on fulfilling each of the objectives for which it was designed, so that the company functions correctly.


Because when one department fails in executing its tasks, production errors may surface.

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Hi @tomleee

You are quite right. Production relies on other departments to feed the right information. I visited a factory recently where there were loads of redundant products lying in the yard outside which they couldn't sell even though the demand on the factory was very high. They had built the wrong products that didn't meet the specification that the market demanded. It is not the production team fault, they only built what they were asked to build.