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RE: What does your income from Hive represent for you? - Contest

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Dear @achim03
This is a very interesting post
Though it is past the deadline and I may not be eligible
however I strongly stand in support of @project.hope and all the wonderful content that you so painstakingly create.
Every word, paragraph and the though behind it is very valuable to me.
My tiny vote does not do justice to the value it represents for me.
So I write my entry not expecting any upvote but to stand in support of your creativity and @Project.hope and dear @crypto.piotr who has faced so many challenges to shape the community the way it is.
My entry: My income represents the right to put bread on the table with self respect.
My goal is to be able to live off from my earnings on the blockchain.
So I work to increase it every day.
In the current scenario this is the go to place for me to earn something with self respect, peace of mind and without exposing myself to the contagion.
I could say my mid term goal is to get a new laptop($650-700) to replace the current one which had been giving me trouble.So I would like to save enough to get a new one.
Covid19 has made me realize the ultimately truth that life is finite so I have to to give as much back as I can to the community before I have to go.
So I try to share skill & knowledge back with the community.
My income also represents the earning of satisfaction that I could share knowledge and skills and it is satisfying to know that by doing the revenue share with the ph-fund I am able give back something to the community which makes me feels I am amongst friends.

good luck to you dear @achim03
keep creating the good work
best wishes


Thanks a lot for sharing what the hive income represents for you. It's true that the earnings that we generate on this platform are the product of a meaningful activity.
Unfortunately I can't provide an upvote from project.hope because all prices have already been distributed.

It is perfectly fine dear @achim03 my entry is more an act of support for the initiative you have taken so when anyone looks at the interactions your post generated it would show as an additional comment or two (my contribution )
Take care my friend
Enjoy your Sunday