10 reasons why you should make $30 in 5 minutes flat


We live in troubled times. Most of us are having to stay at home and there are reduced opportunities to get employed /work from home and if you are a freelancer or working in an industry like travel & tourism you are obviously hit hard.

I cannot think of any person who would not be hit by the current crisis.

So I am attempting to research and try to find genuine opportunities to earn money. The idea is to share genuine opportunities, support projects and may help people make some money in the process.

I am looking at diversification and investment as a mode of supporting our incomes.

Here is a current promising opportunity that I have spotted. It is a company based in Austria and has a solid management and a robust standing in the fintech industry.

If you are reading this post just for the $30 then here is the link register and complete the steps.
If you want to know why you should not be leaving this money on the table then read on.

#1 This is free money to trade and withdraw for a limited time so take it before someone else does.
#2 Morpher gives you the opportunity to invest and earn from anywhere from the world
#3 Free money as an airdrop is good but the opportunity to invest an earn with a ticket size of $1 is even better
#4 It is said do not keep all eggs in one basket and so with Morpher you can invest in both stocks as well as crypto.
#5 # The opportunity to short any market
In markets prices do not always go up but instead they sometimes fall too.
So with morpher it is possible to hedge and make a profit in a falling market as well.
#6 Make small investments like a SIP to build a portfolio of your favorite stocks .
The good part is you can invest with as little as $1

7 One place many trades

Though one interface you can trade and invest in Stocks, Cypto as well as forex.

8 Trade with zero fee !

Morpher lets you trade with zero fee and offers great liquidity.

Make money on holidays

You can invest & trade even on weekends and make your money work for you when you rest.

9 Paper Trading

Currently there is an opportunity to test your trading strategies without risking actual money.

10 Benefit from the current airdrop

The airdrop started a short while back and is a limited opportunity so claim is before it is gone.


I support #projecthope and 20% earning of this post goes to project hope



I am always scared and sometimes discouraged to take part in airdrops sometimes because some of it do turn out to be a waste of time and scam. I just hope this be the same. I think I will have to check it out.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla in courtesy of @crypto.piotr ❤️💕❤️

same here. I also don't like to be part of airdrops. I tried few times and always it turned out to be waste of time

and I dont like KYC

Same here too. I hate it when I share my personal data via KYC

Hello @thetimetravelerz

Friend .. thanks for sharing these opportunities to earn money ..

Many people are trying to have other opportunities to earn additional money.


Dear friend @lanzjoseg I am trying my best to find work opportunities so that I may help as many people as possible to earn some extra money.
Thanks for stopping by

blah, they require KYC.

I'm out. My personal details are worth more than few $ :/

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Dear @thetimetravelerz

I cannot think of any person who would not be hit by the current crisis.

Indeed. I've lost 70-80% of my income already and I also wonder how my future will look like now.

Luckily I don't have loans (just a morgage). No kids, no car, cheap rent, cheap lifestyle. So little savings I have can last me for 3-4 months. Which is better than majority of population out there.

If you are reading this post just for the $30 then here is the link register and complete the steps.

How does it work? Would I get 30$ in form of BTC to my wallet address?
unfortunatelly those 6 steps you wrote are quite unclear to me. For instance I don't understand this part about investing as little as 1$.

Stay safe buddy,
Yours, Piotr

The lessons in this post are priceless. Thanks for sharing.

I have learnt how scary links have become and also how annoying some airdrops can be,after spending time on most of them, they either give you little change or nothing at all,(This is just my opinion anyways) but it is always good to try.