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RE: Experiencing the new normal.

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Hey there @wiseagent an interesting post my friend regarding the situation we currently find ourselves in. There will always be hardcore of people who will do exactly what they please and show no regard to the care and welfare of others. Sadly we all know and see people like this.

Sometimes, even without realizing it, casting suspicious glances about how people behave in the midst of this pandemic situation... After all, everyone has a potential level of suspicion.

Yes indeed seeds have been sown throughout societies all over the planet, it is sad that at a time in history when what we need more than anything else is to be better connected and more empathetic and in touch with eachother we are separated and isolated I have conducted a huge amount of independent research regarding this 'pandemic' ((there is an enormous amount of conflicting data from the scientific community that has not really been heard yet, nor will it be.

This has led me to believe that not all of the recommendations make perfect sense but if we do not have a abetter model to work from we should at-least adhere to the best guidance that is available for now. I do not agree with much of what is being proposed however I follow all guidance issued so that those people who are worried can feel safe when they are around me. It is incredibly important that those people who are terrified of contracting this or any other virus feel content and safe.

'The new normal' Oh yes my friend, we will hear this exact phrase a lot in the coming months!

There is one thing I would really like to mention, a lot of freedoms have been removed, a lot of restrictions have been imposed and a LOT of laws have been changed due to this 'unprecedented situation' we must ensure that as things begin to return to whatever normal is coming, our leaders know that we are watching them closely. Historically Governmental agencies have turned bad, fast when they have had too much control. We must use public forums and chances to submit questions to ask when laws will return as I can virtually guarantee they will try and leave some laws changed in a way that suits them better.

Finally and most importantly - When this is all over, whether it be 6 months or even 2 or 3 years there will be certain areas of society that have an inbuilt fear of getting too close. We must become connected again, socially, spiritually and for the most part, mentally. This cannot be a reason for people to become more disconnected from eachother, we NEED to be closer, better connected, more optimistic for the future of our species both at a community and a global level.

I love that you wrote this in three... THREE!!! different languages, this means more people can get the most benefit from it and that is a huge bonus, much respect my friend 🙂 I know that you are going to be a useful, engaged member of the HOPE community with much to share of value. It is fabulous to have you with us.

Great to meet you my friend, very best wishes to you and yours from me and mine, take great care and I am certain we will cross paths again soon 🙂


Once again, your comment expresses most of my thoughts....

We must become connected again, socially, spiritually and for the most part, mentally.

What a lovely phrase :)

Thankyou my friend 🙂

It seems like when I start most posts or comments I feel unable to stop lol, I guess I squeeze a lot of thoughts in there. Yes I believe that the only way to truly recover from this and many other things that have been happening on our planet is through connection.

When we are together we can be an unstoppable force for good. Take great care my friend 🙂

Thanks for dropping by and this amazing comment. Stay safe.

You touched on more sensitive and important points, such as the issue of empathy and care among human beings (people need to understand that despite their cultural differences... we are one!) and the command of government officials over the actions they are creating (or modifying) in an attempt to control / overcome the pandemic (on this point, I can say that here in my country - Brazil - this is a real disaster because the president is a totally stupid and irresponsible person).

Thanks for the warm welcome, @stevenwood and yes, I have been writing in three different languages ​​precisely for the reasons you mentioned. It's not always something easy to be done, but it's my commitment to do so.

You are more than welcome my friend, the welcome is for someone I can already see will be an enormous asset to our community. With engaging posts and engaging comments you are incredibly welcome. THAT is what the community needs more than anything else in my opinion.

I think when they are put under the correct amount of scrutiny most world leaders are not what they seem to be on the surface... As long as we ensure that they know we see them they should at-least stay on the right side of the line that we must never let them cross.

Take great care my friend 🙂

... the welcome is for someone I can already see will be an enormous asset to our community.

A huge thanks for the credibility, @stevenwood.