Perhaps this year 2021 will be crucial to redefine some aspects of environmental preservation

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One of the problems that afflicts humanity is the warming that large cities suffer due to the effects of warming and the greenhouse effect, however this is an issue that may be crucial for this year 2021 as a result of some proposed solutions.

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Personally, I think that this year should be crucial to carry out some actions that can fight in that perennial fight against climate change and global warming.

It is a crucial year because the economic recovery that we may have, largely because we are recovering from the covid-19 pandemic, perhaps we will be able to comply with the Paris agreement and with it the fulfillment of some objectives in favor of environmental preservation and with it activate a stronger fight to reduce the effects of global warming.

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One of the aspects that should be taken advantage of this year is to evaluate the opportunity to take advantage of the post-pandemic period as a form of decarbonization, assuming that this may be one of the events closest to the possible reduction of emissions and concentration in the atmosphere of greenhouse gases.

In this context, it is also important to emphasize that economic recovery should not be a factor that prevents the recovery and achievement of pending environmental goals.

When I say that this should not be an impediment it is because everything depends on the economic apparatus that is managed to reactivate, for example if we take into account the energy sector, populations that need mass transport should be asked to be independent of transport that depends on diesel.

In conclusion, by 2021 a global debate must be opened and broadened in which the goals to be met are to work on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, taking into account the energy, waste, agriculture and large business sectors.



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Hi @sandracarrascal
It is really a priority that the debate be opened so that agreements can somehow be reached and fulfilled, otherwise the outlook that looms is not at all encouraging, unfortunately.

It should be a priority to reach several points established in various past agreements on environmental matters. Greetings and thanks for commenting

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Hello @sandracarrascal

Without wishing to fall into pessimism, but I do not see in the short term favorable elements to reduce the effects of climate change, look we are entering a phase to recover from the pandemic, without having established a path of work on environmental issues, and this is nothing positive, we are facing the resumption of reaching normalcy without clear objectives. Thank you for this thoughtful publication.

I share with you the opinion that there are no clear objectives in terms of environmental preservation. Greetings my dear friend @lupafilotaxia

Greetings dear friend @sandracarrascal.

As usual an extraordinary content that you share with all of us, always for the humanity it will be extremely important to be able to be attentive to the preservation of our so precious environment, although sometimes it seems that we don't realize it and we forget about it.

Global warming is hitting us harder and harder and the big industrialized countries must take action, although I think it is difficult for them to do so, but at some point they will have to realize their influence on global warming.

I actually enjoyed reading your article, successes.

The industrialized countries know this, and as you say they must act soon, if not later it will be too late. Greetings @rbalzan79 and thank you for commenting.

Hi dear @sandracarrascal
Let's hope that the vaccine will make everything return to normal, I also hope that the Paris protocols are fulfilled and not only that every time people buy more electric cars to improve the environment

Let us hope that the Paris protocol can be fulfilled, let us hope that more countries will join the electric car initiative. Greetings friend and thank you for commenting.

Greetings @sandracarrascal. Certainly this year should begin a debate on clear proposals with regard to decarbonization, taking advantage of the effect of reduction that we could observe thanks to the pandemic, however we have seen that this issue has not permeated much, we hope to see more action this year.

Exactly as it is a topic that does not yet have clear objectives, then I think this year will be decisive. Greetings my dear @emiliomoron and thanks for sharing. Greetings