Let's be free to choose a happy life

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It is very important to feel free to choose our own path, that set of ideas that we accumulate to execute actions should be directed to our own happiness, but to make concrete decisions that are oriented to find our happiness the first thing that we should take into account is that we should not leave our future in the hands of destiny, to be successful people we should keep in mind that destiny does not exist in case our objective is to pursue a goal like achieving happiness, since our life can be shaped and directed to how we want it to be.

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I am very respectful of the ideas and thoughts of others, however for those who think that what happens to us does not depend on our actions but on a fatalistic future to which we often blame our failures, for this case of people let me tell you that if there is a path to individual happiness, but we must simply build it with concrete actions, sometimes our happiness is so close that we do not see it, simply requires a decision making to reach it.

The fear of failure is a clear impediment to be happy, since fear in some circumstances can be an impediment to move forward, for example if we know that we can act in some way we can be happy, but why do not we?

The answer is very simple, it is because we are afraid of failure, that attitude must disappear from our minds, happiness is like business, he who doesn't risk doesn't win, and if in any case we lose it does not matter that is part of the learning process, if in search of that happiness we make decisions that make us fail it does not matter, we get up and continue looking for happiness, the important thing is to lose the fear of failure and risk everything in our hands and continue looking for the so longed for happiness.

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What kind of people can find happiness based on their personality?

Freedom is synonymous with happiness, the freedom I refer to is to release the ties that prevent us from being happy, so I believe that people who release their ties and decide to be free and at the same time exercise that freedom to pursue their life goals are those I believe can achieve happiness.

However, it is not only with this quality that we can achieve happiness, nothing in life comes from nothing without one having to make an effort for it, we have to make an effort based on this freedom to achieve these objectives of being happy and not be a utopia that cannot be achieved.

People who reach a degree of maturity to have willpower, people who take risks, people who rely on work and patience, people who fail and come back and get up regardless of the mockery of others for those failures are the people who can embrace success and happiness.

Are you a happy and successful person? Share with me in the comments on what principles you base yourself on to find success and happiness.



Hello friend, a controversial topic, as you say there are those who believe in destiny others only believe in what they see and in their actions, each head is a world. I particularly think that we waste a lot of time looking for absolute happiness, and that doesn't exist, people think that absolute happiness is about always being happy and it's not like that, life is full of good and bad days, we just have to learn to face them and be aware that not everything can be happy.

Happiness is in the small and big moments, we spend our life looking for something that we have in our eyes and we don't take advantage of that time with our loved ones or simply that time with ourselves having a cup of coffee and reading a good book.

Everything is relative, everyone interprets happiness differently and it is valid. Greetings friend!

Your comment left me very pensive, I think I will soon write a post about the full happiness because you left me reasoning so many aspects. Greetings and thanks friend for commenting.

I agree with you that there is a level of happiness attached to freedom. Whatever gives one happiness should be sought out for, because most times, those things may not come on a platter of gold but must be earned.
Nice piece friend

So my friend the key is freedom, especially the freedom to overcome the fears and taboos of this society. Greetings and thank you for commenting.

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Hi @sandracarrascal
Talking about happiness and freedom can even be as relative as other aspects of human life, because what makes me happy may not make someone happy, and vice versa.
I don't know to what extent we can be entirely happy in everything we do, but at least we should try.

That is true because suddenly someone is happy with what another is unhappy with, well Relativity is present in everything, and this point seems to be in the relativity of things, greetings friend and thank you for commenting.

Yes I agree, find your passion and do it whole heartedly, it ill bring abundance to you in all ways.😃

Thanks friend I hope you find your own way, greetings.

It is said that happiness depends on us and that it is a decision, but I do not agree with that since for an individual to have the opportunity to choose he must have a series of things that give him well-being in his life. It is not possible to be happy if we are in a constant survival, both happiness and freedom are things that cost and that only a few men and women can achieve.

Only if we have the opportunity to choose are we happy, however many times we can be happy under certain circumstances and we are not happy for fear of a simple decision. Greetings and thanks for commenting

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Such an amazing and inspiring post, @sandracarrascal.

Everybody deserves to be happy in their own way.

Happiness is the determining point of a human life, certainly each one in our own way we are breaking paradigms and being happy in our own way, greetings friend and thank you for commenting

Hello @sandracarrascal

I agree with your statements, happiness depends on the actions we take as individuals, where there will always be the fear of being wrong or failure and that's what life is about learning from positive experiences but even more from the negative ones. Thank you for your contribution