Let's appreciate the motivation that generates the value of learning

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Greetings friends of the Project Hope community.

It is almost impossible for most people to deny the significant value that learning has in the process of teaching at different educational levels, and even more so if we analyze the value of that learning under a motivational approach.

If the teacher is motivated, he or she will most likely radiate that motivation to the students. It can also happen that if the teacher is unmotivated, the students become unmotivated as well. From experience, I can tell you that any symptom of motivation or lack of motivation on the part of my students affects me positively or negatively in my impulse and desire to perform in the educational facets.

However, the value of learning goes far beyond the feelings and desires that a teacher or student can radiate, because in particular I have felt that when I teach multiple emotional opportunities to continue learning, and is always learning something new every time we try to find new teaching strategies, every time I understand something new or discover something new gender motivation enough to know that my work can come to make me a reason for personal satisfaction.

As long as we are teachers with a desire to learn, and we never really think that we don't know them all, then we are willing to never stop learning, so we are constantly motivated.

As we enter the new academic period at the university, just having the idea that generates me the ability to apply new strategies and technological tools makes me be motivated, so I hope that this motivation can be transmitted to my students.

Until the next delivery, your friend @sandracarrascal says goodbye.



Of course, it is decisive to motivate and be motivated, the way the message reaches the learners depends on that. In fact, teaching contains a great load of human feelings and the emotional part is as important as the didactic material or program content.
Totally agree with you!
Well done

I salute I totally agree with you and more when learning leaves a teaching and we have to be ready for the changes and the new tool for learning.

Hi @sandracarrascal
Being able to learn is a blessing. We are constantly doing it, and the possibility of teaching is also a great learning process.
I particularly had the opportunity to teach as well, but in person, long before the pandemic and it was a great experience.

Greetings @sandracarrascal

In the process of teaching-learning, from my perception it is in every moment of our daily life since we learn and teach small things daily. Without a doubt, motivation plays a preponderant role in our role as teachers and a great part of it depends on our students acquiring significant learning. Thank you for your contribution

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