Importance of knowing the environmental ecosystems

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In our planet earth is suffering changes thanks to the intervention of the hand of the man who has played a fundamental role in the same one causing an imbalance so much environment and man where we are seeing ourselves affected up to the human beings.


We must all know our ecosystems and the damage we are causing, to know the factors that compose it and the relationship that exists between the individual and nature, pollution types causes and consequences among other aspects that could influence or maintain a balance of our planet.


The conservation of the biodiversity and the natural resources and the soils are essential in all those tropical regions of a country, so that all those rural regions can establish and have at the same time new opportunities to make a rational use of the natural resources that offers us so kindly our mother earth, in form so sustainable seeing from a point of view the economic, social and ecological factor.


An ecosystem is made up of both the biotic factors, which are all those living beings that are part of the animal fauna, fungi and bacteria, and also the abiotic components, which are those that do not possess life but are present in everything that influences living beings as they are: Soils, climate, air, light and nutrients.

When we refer to ecosystems, these are complex issues in which the community must participate and be part of that ecosystem and those components that do not have life, the characteristics of the climate and temperature, and all those chemical substances present and the conditions in which the soils are found, when carrying out a deep study of the ecosystems it should include the interrelationship of both biotic and abiotic components where we can include the community of biocenosis, biocenosis are those living species that interact as a chain of plants, animals and the relationship with biotopes that are the natural factors climate, water, rocks, soil, energy transmitted by the sun, rainfall and winds making an ecosystem.


The biological diversity on the planet is so important that any imbalance in the number of species can alter the proper functioning of ecosystems on our planet, so it is very important the conservation of all species and to be able to recover natural space where you can take life and biological diversity in optimal conditions.



Excellent article my friend @sandracarrascal very educational, in addition it allows us to reflect on the importance of our ecosystems and the impact they have created negative that have created some anthropogenic activities generated by man.

See you later, have an excellent week, blessings to your family ! 👋

Thank you friend @amestyj I agree with you what we want to look for is that you reflect on the great importance and relevance of our ecosystems and in what negative way we have acted against anthropogenic activities due to the lack of conscience of man. Greetings and thanks for your great support and commentary.

Hello @sandracarrasquel, this publication explains quite well how important it is to maintain the different ecosystems, it also makes clear that the extinction of a species strongly affects the ecosystem of which it is a part, and in short, the whole world.

Greetings friend @josevas217 good that you were clear about the importance of maintaining our ecosystems, as this would represent the life of our planet, and the way in which the hand of man influences the destruction of it without caring about appealing to his own life. Thanks for your support and comments.

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