How to forge an entrepreneurial character?

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An entrepreneur is a person who takes risks, who seeks to embark on new paths, who is not satisfied with what his comfort zone gives him.

However, it is not only a question of being an entrepreneur, but of being able to forge a character that defines us as the leader who will take the baton of our idea, which can be a new business, a plan or project, or simply a journey, whatever it is, it is because it motivates us to undertake new things.

To form ourselves as entrepreneurs we must have a positive capacity to influence other people positively, we must have the quality of a leader, it must be a genuine leadership that distinguishes us from that long list of entrepreneurs who never get to forge their character.

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An entrepreneur is born and trained in times of crisis, so it is very likely that for these times we see many aspiring entrepreneurs, but the fact is that we manage to set ourselves as successful entrepreneurs and seek to set priorities and achieve great goals.

No one learns from others but from their own experiences, I say this because if in the given case someone wants to be an entrepreneur in business, they should not be afraid because they are inexperienced, nor should they seek help from great specialists, it is all a matter of taking up the challenge, and if you fall you come back and get up, because you also learn from mistakes.

In this and other multiple ways, but always assuming an entrepreneurial character is that we can achieve many of our goals, either as an entrepreneur or as a traveler, but always hand in hand with that positive thinking and full of dynamism.



Thank you for the interesting post. I think you have described very clearly the qualities that a successful entrepreneur should have.

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Certainly if we want to be entrepreneurs the first thing we must do is overcome the fear of being inexperienced, we can not learn only based on advice and references in the literature, we must take the risk and learn from our own experiences.

This is really an eye opener, having an entrepreneur character especially how to be a good leader will surely you to thrive above many challenges in the entrepreneur world

Certainly, to be an entrepreneur you have to forge a character that is up to the challenges. Thanks @sandracarrascal for sharing this valuable post.

Thank you for sharing your point of view about being an entrepreneur and how to achieve our goals by assuming risk and with character.

According to you @sandracarrascal, for business you have to have character, and much of that is learned in practice, we see that those who have taken risks in business are acquiring the skills that differentiate them as entrepreneurs.

Hello @sandracarrascal

Greetings dear teacher, I hope that there you received a blessed and energetic New Year 2021, I rescue from your article, those expressions that you share with us "An entrepreneur is a person who takes risks, who seeks to embark on new paths," that is a character that must prevail in this new year, in order to overcome the adversities that the complex previous year left us. Thank you for socializing these reflective lines, cordial greetings.