Environmentally friendly aspects due to this global social quarantine

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I want to share with the entire project hope community some aspects of what this quarantine has done for the covid-19 pandemic, all from an environmental point of view.


The pandemic of the COVID-19 is having a high negative impact in the world economy, many activities that were considered normal are not being executed, activities as the tourism, the transport and until diverse forms of work have been paralyzed product of the covid-19, nevertheless while all this is a chaos, exists a second passive element that is being benefited in all this, this factor is the environment, the plants, the atmosphere, the ground and the waters are resting of the commercial and industrial activities that have had a rest since this pandemic began.

We can think that once this health crisis generated by the sick covid-19 is overcome, there is a possibility that humanity can return to normalcy in its most common activities, bringing as a consequence a quite significant financial recovery.

Many countries will enter an economic recession, which will be a driving force to lift the economy and start again with activities that will bring back a concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. All the achievements obtained with this paralysis of the most common economic activities can be lost, since we would return to the economic activities that have a strong negative impact on biodiversity, this can suffer greater damage with the financial reactivation.


It is difficult to find a balance that balances all this evil, although it is true that once the covid-19 pandemic passes human beings will be able to recover the world economy, also the rate of deaths worldwide will be lower, it would also be a reality that while this happens, parallel to our planet along with the elements of the ecosystem that make up our environment will again feel the burden of pollution that we generate with our industrial activities.

Unfortunately, for us to feel in the best of conditions and have the lifestyle of the present times, our environment will have to continue paying the consequences of an economic and industrial revival.

This pandemic shows us that after an economic standstill like this, everything returns to its place, we will quickly return to previous levels of pollution, so it is most likely that nations will urgently seek to resuscitate their economy, however experts urge that even if we can recover our economies should apply planning measures with a vision to control industrial emissions, and choose to encourage more sustainable businesses.


The obligatory pause in the industry has been a stroke of luck for the planet, which in a few days has shown notable changes, where the channels once again have crystalline waters and the return of marine species.

It is important to emphasize that this quarantine and isolation resulting from the covid-19 pandemic is not the total solution to prevent the environmental ills that we have as a result of so much pollution, however I do not doubt in the learning and great reflections that humanity will be able to take in what means the preservation that is given to our environment when we simply paralyze a little our industrial activities.

I know that economically it is hard, but if we would only take once a year to stop the activities that emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, surely in the future we would obtain many improvements in the recovery of the negative effects that exist today in terms of climate change and global warming.


Final Reflection

If we take into account that the animals first came to our planet as far as their existence is concerned, then consecutively in that part of evolution and adaptation of man on earth we can conclude that human beings have invaded their territory because of that relentless struggle to exploit the natural resources that the planet has.

This is a condition that before quarantine we would not have understood as such, however today we see that when humans are locked up, many species recover spaces that had previously been lost, so it was necessary this event as regrettable as that of the pandemic of covid-19 so that we understood in a categorical way that in this time of pandemic has served to make our planet rest from so much pollution and all the elements of the environment such as the fresh waters and sea also rest from our activities.

If we do not take care of nature we would not be in the moral capacity to be able to take care of ourselves, so as we move towards a population that far exceeds the current population, we will need to be prepared towards an uncertain destination, in which the only thing that can save us will be the attachment that we manage to have towards nature and the environment , so it will be vital to know that the environment will end up being our strongest ally against this survival fight.


This is a great publication and a masterful explanation of how the Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world economy, but also how a recovery in the environment has been well said. I want to think that in the future industries will become aware of how much damage they are doing to our planet. I don't think it will really happen, however, let's continue to live each day as if it were our last.

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If everyone had their own objective way of appreciating the environment from their point of view it would be easier, but industries will only think about their monetary investment and earnings, leaving harmony and balance with the environment in the background.

The prevailing pandemic at world level has caused its devastation in all sectors and the most affected is the economy that has suffered much in these months, and has helped in a positive way the environmental field... Greetings friend and thank you for your positive support

The reality is that when the economy returns to normal and all nations seek to bring all their activities back to normal, industries will again begin to damage the environment and our ozone layer will deteriorate further.

We are economic analysts especially in the financial markets and although the economy suffers it is good to be educated in these senses, but at the same time create awareness about how to take care of our planet. Very good post, thanks for sharing.

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Regarding your comment, my friend. It is true that when the commendation returns to its normal destiny, it will return with a greater boom and will cause a negative environmental impact. The industries will think only about profit and the profit margin that they will obtain, without taking into account our greatest wealth as it is our nature, and the hole in the ozone layer will grow more every day, since we are the greatest contaminating factor in the manipulation of the hand of man.

The economic sector is currently suffering because of its low economic redeeming and the profit margins are few, but if it were great that we create a degree of awareness of the damage we are causing to our environment.
Greetings my friend for your comment and support

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@tipu curate

Greetings @sandracarrascal, a great article, many are the negative things that covid-19 has left us, but despite this we can also say that from the ecological aspect a positive impact has been noted with the fall of industrial processes in the world, so our environment has taken a good breath, this should call us to reflection in the future when things return to normal as we must be balanced with our essential ecosystem. Thank you for sharing.