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From the title of this post, you will notice one qualifier; "true". For the purpose of this article, we shall be looking at only the true and genuine smile, which psychologists have referred to as "Duchenne smile". People have always linked smiling to pleasure and happiness. Yes, we all believe it is good and it gives a kind of good cosmetic effect on the face but we will be looking a little beyond that into the other benefits of a true smile.

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A particular research was done many decades ago and involved randomly selected women of about 27 years. The researchers placed these women (which were the subject of the research) on close observation. After about 5 years, it was discovered that the women that were naturally drawn to laughing more were almost all married. When the ladies were advanced in marriage, it was discovered that they also had a happy home.

From the result of their research, they surmised that people that always put up true smiles tend to be happier and more friendly than those who don't, and as such, they also tend to attract more friendly people around. Obviously, you will agree with me that you will tend to be more friendly with people that are friendly and you will feel more comfortable around people that smile a lot.

Another research was also conducted which included about 11,000 participants and it was discovered that on average, smiling has a way of making people happy. We tend to believe that happiness makes one to smile but the reverse also holds truth. Which means, smiling can improve your mood and make your spirit lifted and make you happier.

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Coming to the health benefits, it has always been a known fact that the more someone tilts towards happiness (which is also linked to the Duchenne smile), the more healthy they are. Smiling, according to research, also affects the mental health positively as well as the overall body health ref. From all these, you will agree with me that smiling may look very simple but the benefits attached to it are enormous.

A friend of mine once said that it does not cost anything to put up a good smile but the results are way beyond price. You do not have to wait for reasons to come before you smile, you can create one for yourself and everything else will fall into place. I remember what a friend of mine used to say way back; "even if you do not have reasons to smile, fake it, keep faking it and it will somehow become real".

Each time you are offended by someone and you want to react with aggression, if you will try to give off a smile, you will be surprised how your mood will be enhanced. You may even be surprised that the person may join you to smile.

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Hi friend @samminator, great read.

A smile can achieve amazing things in a person, and through a smile we can change the mood of any person,

I think that there are countless benefits that we can get when we smile.

Exactly buddy, the goodness and benefits of putting up a true smile can never be overemphasized.
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In fact, smiling is considered today as one of the most important things when conducting a business, selling a product or when conducting a job interview. In addition there are coachs and gurus who talk about laughter yoga (I have practiced several techniques and I have felt very good) that help improve mood.

I can confirm from my experience that smiling has been fun, and I have felt more willing to achieve my goals.
In general, having a good attitude always leads to a better destination !, so to smile and change the world !.

I love the way you ended your comment. Smile indeed changes the world. Keep smiling buddy

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