First Pointer To Crypto Investment

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What lesson as the crypto world and your engagement in it thought you?
The boom of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) in 2020 increases crypto adoption and activated some major problem in crypto transactions in which many crypto-savvy are not happy with because of returns and how stressful to transact this has brought to them.
There are records of scams, low liquidity, centralization within the system even as the first cryptocurrency focuses on a peer-to-peer solution, there is still traces of a centralized system within the crypto communities.

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First Pointer To Crypto Investment

For every business, there is give and take. What do I mean? A solid project must be able to have a product which I term Use Case. Is the use case real to the real world?
Recently, IDO (Initial Dex Offering) bringing in different new tokens for people to buy in, and first-come,first-serve without taking a moment to see through the use case of such product.

How important is crypto-trading for you?

Uniswap is very easy to use the exchange, but as the adoption crypto increases, using Uniswap become a problem due to ethereum scalability issue that activates huge transaction fee and many begin to look for a solution. Happy to see the decentralized gateway in the crypto market that solve fragmentation, liquidity, and centralization in the crypto market.
Orion Terminal seamlessly aggregates bottomless liquidity from major exchanges, centralized + decentralized and it provides rich trading tools in one easy to use platform.

An important note when considering Orion terminal, there is competition when considering crypto exchanges, they talk about referral bonus to keep their users, but for Orion terminal, no competition with exchanges and swapping pools rather, the terminal unite exchanges order books into one easy-to-use terminal and give the user access to the entire crypto market in one place.

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With Orion terminal and with your web 3.0 wallet address, users can trade across all major exchanges without the need to ever open an account again. As at the time of writing this post, Orion terminal supported ERC-20 and BSC network with 33 assets across the two chains plus 516 through the complex swap, more network is on the way.

In conclusion, one of the official tweets revealed the decentralized risk cover established with Bridge.Mutual which comes with Integrated App Widget and many other features to strengthen the terminal.
Take a moment to study this project and submit your review or comment.

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