Crypto-Talks In Africa Community ($10 Weekly)

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Crypto education is one of the key factors that drive the adoption of this technology within the community and this has been an amazing thing we have been doing in Africa community for those that have been following.

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In like three weeks ago, the crypto-talk task started on Twitter whereby follower can submit their thought about a project based on what is tweeted and win a slot to earn $10 worth of crypto by the end of the task.

The task is to increase interaction between followers, increase people's knowledge about what's happening within the crypto community/project, and increase crypto adoption in every part of the world especially Africa.

This week crypto-talk task just concluded and the winner emerges:

Find out if you are the winner through the attached video below:

Crypto-Talks Task Winner Here

Remember, the more we guide people through the right information, the better the world becomes in digital asset understanding.

You can learn something through this video:

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Like I use to say, I am not a financial advisor, so whatever you see me writing about, is to position you to do your own research and take action based on your understanding and conviction.

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