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Greetings again my dear friends of the Project.hope community, a few days away from saying goodbye to this hard year 2020, without a doubt, each one of us thinks about time, either to do some specific activity of work or family nature, or simply to realize how we are getting older and leaving behind important moments for all of us, which have made us cry, laugh or both at the same time.

That is why I wanted to reflect a little with you on the historical conception of the understanding of time through the intellectuality of the human being, and for this we will only make a small general sketch so as not to commit ourselves so much to the complex and enigmatic understanding of our precious physical magnitude, as time is, this inspired me to make an abstract gif to the complexity of this phenomenon.

Throughout our so rich history great characters have made great contributions in the so eager search of the understanding of the nature of time, for example, the great Aristotle considers the phenomenon of time as that measure of the movement from the vision of before and after the same one, of this we can reason on the fact that any person could not perceive the passage of time due to be in the darkness and not be able to notice any type of mobility, nevertheless, with the movement of our mind we can realize and be reliable witnesses of the passage of time.

The previous gives beginning to the great race for the understanding of the nature of the time, if friends, that time which definitively governs our lives and with it our existence in this very complex but splendid universe, in a general way we can find other approaches, which attributes the origin of the time in our interior, and with it the relation that is described to the past as what we remember, the present what we lived and the future what we wish or hope that it happens in an intrinsic way or not, and each one of them with own realities of each human being.

What is certain, my dear readers, is that we can find many interpretations that come close to defining the origin of time. However, knowing about the real existence of this phenomenon has been very abstract and we could also say that it is mysterious, through all the analyses made in different fields of the human intellect, where, despite the fact that experts in the field can come to understand this phenomenon as a dimension, in general, people interpret it as an interval of successive lived experiences.

As a final reflection I can express that in practice, we can interpret time as that interval or material space, where we can develop our lives and also determines our existence, of course without further defining the complex origin of this phenomenon, the certain and important thing is that we must live to the fullest every moment of our lives and leaving aside the conflicts and bad actions, because all this does is shorten our so precious time to enjoy with our loved ones.

As you can see time always attracts our attention, perhaps each of you has a particular understanding of time, and how we should best use it in our lives.

Can we plan better and use our precious time?

It would be very interesting to know your opinion, if you wanted to.

Until another opportunity my dear friends.

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Hello friend @rbalzan79. Without a doubt, time is a magnitude that has attracted the attention of many scientists and philosophers. I believe that for us this idea that corresponds to a space where we can develop our lives is how we assume it, and that is why the recommendation that we should live each moment to the fullest and leave aside conflicts, since they only shorten our time, is very correct. My regards!

Hello friend @yusvelasquez.
Thank you for your important visit to my article. We must always make the most of our time and enjoy our existence to the fullest. Successes.

They say that time is the best teacher but unfortunately it ends up killing all its disciples, taking advantage of it is a challenge and an art that we must develop in order to make the most of our lives.

Greetings you are absolutely right @trabajosdeliglo, it is a challenge to be able and know how to take advantage of the time to its maximum expression. Happy New Year. Successes.

Hello dear friend, the truth is that time is everything to us, without it how to exist? I think it would be impossible, but certainly sometimes we do not take advantage of it as we should, life is unpredictable and we do not know until when we will have time to enjoy it, so it is better to take advantage of how much or how little we have at our disposal. Greetings and happy new year to you.

Hello dear friend @franyaligonzalez.
That's right time determines our existence and with it the essential importance in our lives there that it is necessary to use it in the best way.
Equally for you and your loved ones, happy and prosperous year 2021.

Hello @rbalzan79.

Time is fundamental for the development of the human being on the planet; for instance, for the history of mankind it is very important because from it you can get different conjectures about how man lived in prehistory and how his future can be.

Greetings and thanks for sharing such an interesting topic.