The Periscope / Mirror Technology (Part II)

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Greetings my dear friends of the platform of Hive.bolg especially to the community of Project.Hope, we continue to visualize our surroundings with the purpose of continuing to highlight the essential importance of each of the instruments, tools or machines designed or manufactured by man in order to facilitate certain tasks of our daily lives.

In the same way as we have done in the other issues we will continue using the extraordinary conceptualization which we have made our own in each of the previous issues, that is, technology is nothing more than applied science, and it is not only a conceptual aspect since we have demonstrated it in each article previously analyzed, where the science-technology nexus is intrinsically linked in any technological development of our days.

Therefore, it is always necessary to emphasize that from our nature man has extracted any type or form of knowledge and this has been achieved through the implementation of the entire scientific field, and this knowledge is what has allowed the generation of any kind of mechanical or artificial creation where technology has played an essential role and will undoubtedly continue to do so.

In our previous article we could relate to the reflector telescope and its implementation of important and particular optical components such as mirrors (flat and curved), these polished surfaces are clear representatives of the generation of the phenomenon of reflection of light rays have influenced them, and hence the name of the reflector telescope and its great usefulness for the knowledge of our spectacular outer space.

On this occasion we will link with another device or optical instrument such as the periscope and its implementation of polished surfaces such as mirrors and thus be able to carry out the fabulous phenomenon of reflection of the light rays components of a particular beam of light emitted by any object or body that is around us and which we want to observe from a hidden place, this has been the most prominent feature of the optical device and later we will know some of its applications.

The Periscope

In previous articles we have been reliable witnesses of different types of optical devices or instruments designed by man throughout its long history, where the lenses, prisms and mirrors have been the cornerstone for the inspiration of such optical instruments, such is the case of the wonderful and useful periscope which represents an extraordinary observation instrument.

In accordance with the above, we can say that the periscope, according to its practical structure, can be used to observe any object or body while we are in a hidden place, and we can also implement it for the visualization of a certain object that is very difficult to access, either because its passage is restricted or simply because there is a large crowd of people.

In the first place we will relate to a traditional periscope, that is to say, in its simplest or easiest form since it is structured in its interior by a pair of flat mirrors and these are located at the ends of a certain tube (either cylindrical, square or rectangular) in a parallel way to each other, and they form an angle of 45° in relation to the line that joins them, therefore, the rays of light emitted by the object or body to visualize will be reflected initially in the superior mirror and thus it will send them to the mirror that is in the inferior part where they will be reflected again until arriving at our natural optical systems (eyes) as they will be able to observe in the following figure 1.

Figure 1. Reflection of light rays in a traditional periscope


It is important to emphasize that this type of optical instrument like the periscope has been implemented in different areas since its creation, but without a doubt one of its most spectacular applications is found in submarines, many of us have been able to watch television on many occasions as this type of optical and technological tool is used to visualize the outside of the water surface without the need to leave or emerge completely from the water.

This wonderful application in the submarines has allowed the improvement of these optical instruments, since with the time to the periscopes of the submarines they have been equipped with other complex optical elements like the binoculars (these have lenses and prisms), also is used prisms instead of the mirrors or the combination of it that is to say mirror-prism in the ends of this optical instrument, as they can observe in the following figure 2.

Figure 2. Light beams in the periscope composed of a submarine



We continue to demonstrate the extraordinary nexus of science-technology and its essential relationship in terms of the design or creation of any type of tool, device or machine, as we were able to observe in the periscope and the implementation of knowledge of the phenomenon of reflection through mirrors and that thanks to technological advances this optical instrument has been perfected over time as is the case of the periscopes incorporated into the wonderful machines such as submarines as they could observe in figure 2.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

Note: The images are of my authorship, made using the Power Point application, and the animated gif was made with the Photoscape application.

Recommended Bibliographic Reference

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Greetings friend @rbalzan79. Another excellent exhibition of the technology involved in an instrument that has had much application in amazing machines such as submarines. And as in this case, how the knowledge of the phenomenon of reflection through mirrors allowed its development.

Greetings friend @emiliomoron, thanks for your valuable contribution the field of technology reaches any of our activities so that every day becomes more essential. Successes.

It is incredible the technological evolution that humanity has had in its various inventions, greetings @rbalzan79 and thank you for sharing.

Greetings friend @carlos84, thanks for your valuable contribution the field of technology reaches any of our activities so that every day it becomes more essential. Successes.