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Greetings friends readers of this prestigious platform especially to the members of the community of @project.hope, many are the aspects that as humanity we have developed in our historical walk, without we put ourselves to individualize the characteristics or own behaviors of each one of the people we would never get to finish with our task, clear it is, without place to doubts always will exist particularities of coexistence or other circumstances that of some or another way they are going away to mold to us from our initial familiar nucleus.

On this occasion I want to talk a little about solidarity from a general perspective, I think that in these times it is very important to have this value on the surface, especially with the arrival of this terrible pandemic of Covid-19, and also with all the difficulties that come with it and will continue to come, one of them the economic aspect, however, I think that the application of solidarity can help us a lot at this time, taking advantage of this to emphasize that this value marks us as people more fair and thus more balanced in all aspects of our lives.

I constantly share with my daughter and wife this type of topic, since I think that an adequate education at home establishes the fundamental bases of all the structure of our behavior or conduct as human beings in the adult stage, therefore, as a society in full we are still in debt with the adequate development of this value, I say this because sometimes we observe hard actions among ourselves and it seems that we are getting farther and farther away from what has been described before, but, it is never late to take up that path again.



My parents always said (still do) to me and my siblings, You must learn to be in solidarity with each other and in this way you can form strong ties as loved ones, then with the family you form, and this will allow you to expand this light to anyone in your environment, this has always been engraved in my memory, and logically, I am transmitted to my daughter, it is important to emphasize that I continue to learn from other positive experiences because every day we learn something new and useful to be better people, and especially better living beings with our planet.

I think that the above described is preparing us to extrapolate this value to any person around us, and also to give testimony or example with our actions and without expecting something in return, this would allow us to return to the path of true solidarity that we must always possess as people of the same living species, although there will always be exceptions, but the most important thing is that we are multipliers of solidarity.

Our time is finite in this universe, and it is better to try at any cost to do good, and I believe that one of the main values to take into account is that of solidarity, and with it to radiate all that positive energy that we get when we manage to help someone no matter if it is not a family member or a friend, I hope you can share your important point of view.



Until another opportunity my dear readers.



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