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Greetings again my dear friends, on this occasion I wanted to share a topic much discussed by all of us, however, with many approaches in different areas of the development of the human intellect, and that undoubtedly stands out for its great complexity and generality, great writers of our history and in any field, have brushed the greatest writings in relation to this topic.

Similarly excellent authors of the platform have developed it previously, however, there are many views that have been implemented for its definition, where, I will share some of them with all of you, of course in a general way and according to my point of view, so I would like to have your important opinion from any view you want to give it.

Any of us at every moment the word destination comes to mind, either to reach a certain place, or to refer to a certain fact related to the trajectory that we must travel during our wonderful existence, we know that there are many fields of human knowledge that have described or tried to describe such a conceptualization, therefore, it is important to ask ourselves certain historical questions:

Do we really have a pre-designed destiny? Or do we build it with our actions?

Nevertheless, someone could say that it is the combination of both, but, starting from the previous references we could express the complexity that involves the word destiny in relation to the development of the human being and of everything that surrounds him, therefore, it is important to highlight some aspects with the purpose of contextualizing the point raised.

Any of us could say that we are constantly presented with situations (coincidences) that make us work towards a certain fact, desired or not, and this could lead us to say that destiny is perhaps that imposing force that envelops us and with it guides us towards a predestined purpose, this can be interpreted or focused from a religious vision.

If we were to ask any person if unexpected events happen to him, surely there would be many actions narrated, and they would also have certain aspects of mystery, so it makes us think that every human being possesses the belief of the existence of a marked destiny, that is, the existence of something that we cannot see and much less describe, on many occasions one hears it said, such a person was destined to be what he is today, either to admire him or to point out to him.

What has been described above opens the door to a series of reflections, where, we find our responsibility before some things, because if these are predestined will happen whether we want or not, for example, we could ask:
Are our prisons full of people who were destined to be violent?

However, it would be very important your point of view on this matter, since in this way it is possible to build a better perception of the issue raised, if you wish.

If we refer to another type of vision we can place ourselves in the field of science, due to the fact that there are scientific opinions related to a destiny almost in a forced way and the same related to the genetic action of our parents towards us, this usually shapes us with certain features, either physical, behavioral (like our character) or some type of disease.

Another aspect to emphasize is that conception where the important characteristic stands out, where, each person is able to carve his own destiny based on the decisions taken and this way he is building his own way until the end of his existence, that is to say, that each one of us is able to set our own objectives and to obtain the inherent successes to those objectives.

Each one can establish his reasons and particularities, the truth is that we can express that our existence is influenced by actions out of our reach and others that we can control, this we can relate it because our universe is still too enigmatic for the humanity, and this gives space to any aspect that impregnates some type of mystery in the conceptualization of our personal destinies or altogether as humanity.

I think that the important thing is to learn as much as possible in order to lead our lives in the best possible way, and to understand the great complexities that as humanity we have yet to decipher about our wonderful universe, and all those enigmas that surround it and with it us too.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

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Greetings dear friend @rbalzan79,your article is very interesting, I think that we forge destiny with our actions, we are what we do, who does not project into the future may think that everything that happens is part of destiny and will be surprised by everything that happens. I believe in God and I also think that we cannot leave everything in his hands, we must have criteria and know where we want to go and with whom.

See you later brother, blessings and successes for this year 2021.

Greetings dear friend @amestyj, thank you for such an important contribution, in fact when observing our horizon we must be clear that we are the builders of our intrinsic destiny, beyond the external events that occur around us, which can affect us but it is there our work of perseverance.
Many blessings and successes for you and your family. Greetings.

Hello friend, an interesting topic, I think most people could have very different opinions, some think that destiny is written others think that we make destiny ourselves with our actions. Particularly I stay with the second theory, I believe that it depends a lot on our actions how we will be in the future, of course, we would also have to contemplate other factors, but in general that is what I believe, that we are owners of our own destiny.

Greetings dear friend @franyeligonzalez.

It is correct a subject with diversity of opinions and that is what is interesting because this way we show that we are capable of thinking differently, thanks for your great contribution, we must always take into account that we are masters of our destiny despite the difficulties to pass in our lives. Successes.