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Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, as usual we continue visualizing our wonderful environment in order to continue highlighting the enormous value of each of the technological applications in our lives, and they will always be linked to all that knowledge provided by the extraordinary field of science.

In previous articles we have highlighted the great interest of man throughout history in the search for sources of electricity generation, and as we know the most recognized are those obtained through the so-called fossil fuels, ie those that come from hydrocarbons, however, as is known its implementation generates large amounts of CO2 emissions into our environment, this feature has motivated man to the innovation of new technological alternatives to mitigate such adverse effects.

So far we have been related to two types of new alternative sources of clean energy generation such as the SmartFlower and the wind turbine without blades, both alternatives with the ability to generate electricity without the implementation of fossil fuels, the first through the implementation of solar energy and the second through the use of wind power, and this time we will analyze in general another of these alternatives such as floating solar plants.

Floating solar plants

This type of source represents another new and wonderful alternative for the generation of electrical energy under natural conditions through the accumulation of solar energy, that is to say, a source of the so-called clean energy, and where the field of technology plays an important role due to the enormous advances in relation to photovoltaic energy, This technique of floating solar plants manages to generate more energy than traditional solar plants, and this is because the water in which they float provide cooling to these solar panels, and as a result there is greater efficiency (about 10%) when generating electricity, this in relation to the panels placed on land.

The important thing about this type of method or technological innovation is the use of the enormous amount of natural energy that comes from our central star such as the Sun, and it is estimated to be around 89,000 TW (terawatts, that is, one trillion watts), this amount of energy represents about 6 thousand times more than all the electrical energy we consume worldwide, which is estimated to be around 16 TW.

With technological innovations such as this type of floating solar plant, we continue to demonstrate the great work of the entire scientific-technological field in the search to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sources of electricity generation in a natural way, and thus, as clean as possible to come from such a natural source as in this case as it is the Sun.

There is a long way to go in the search for this type of energy, which tries to somehow replace the generation of electricity through the use of the well-known fossil fuels from hydrocarbons, which as we have said, both their deposits and reserves are finite, and therefore, exhaustible over time, in addition to generating a large amount of CO2.

I think that we should continue aiming at this type of new sources of generation of the so important electrical energy, since it has undoubtedly allowed us to make the great leap to our remarkable modernity, and we must also preserve as much as possible our so precious and vital environment, and this action favors us, both in the present and future generations.

Until another opportunity my dear readers, waiting for your important contributions in this regard and to consolidate the issue raised.

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This is really an outstanding article. Floating solar panel is really a great concept to generate electricity without occupying the land space permanently

Hi @coffeelovers.

Actually thank you for your wonderful comment, it is important to note that there are more and more new alternatives for electricity generation as we could see in this content, this is important because we must always keep in mind that the reserves of hydrocarbon deposits are finite and therefore exhaustible. Greetings and many successes.

It is an interesting proposal friend, not only for the fact of using water to cool the solar panels, but also because on the water we have a lot of area available to deploy solar panels, artificial lagoons could be used for dual purpose. Actions like this favor our environment and demonstrate that it is possible to generate energy in harmony with the planet.

Hello my dear friend @emiliomoron.

As usual friend a great contribution that you make to my article, in very true what you express are many favorable conditions to consolidate this wonderful proposal to generate alternative energy to fossil fuels through the implementation of solar energy and we will also be helping our environment. Greetings and many successes for you and your family.

Hello @rbalzan79!
Very interesting information that you present to us. I had heard of solar panels, however, I had no knowledge of floating panels, as you say, every day there is more innovation in the quest to contribute to the environment and obtain cleaner products. Greetings!

Hello my dear friend @yusvelasquez.

The science-technology does not rest in the search for new alternatives to generate electricity in the cleanest way possible, and thus in addition to alleviating the burden on the sources of power generation through fossil fuels, we will also be helping to preserve our environment. Greetings and much success to you and your family.

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Greetings @rbalzan79, every day there are more alternatives that science and technology presents us to preserve our environment, the unfortunate thing is that governments do not take advantage of these opportunities because the large contracts that leave multimillion dollar profits do not allow us to move forward on this issue, good article friend.

Hello my friend @carlir.

That's right my friend, the field of science-technology is in constant development in the search for new alternatives for generating clean electricity, and in this way, in addition to alleviating the overload to the sources of power generation through fossil fuels, we will also be helping to preserve our environment. Greetings and much success to you and your family.

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I have also heard of this project and in india also this project is going on solar energy in sea. This is a good alternative for energy as the sun is glowing it will produce free energy.

Hi @genx-miner.

Actually it is an excellent alternative for any country in the world, especially for those, where, there is much of the year with Sun, and it is also a source of natural electricity generation.

Greetings thanks for your great contribution and many successes for you and your family.

Hello friend, it sounds quite interesting, solar panels are one of the best inventions that have been made to achieve energy in the most environmentally friendly way, I have seen windows and ceilings in which solar panels work, to be able to see them at large scale and placed in lakes, rivers or seas I think it is an excellent innovation, without a doubt every day technology is evolving in favor of the care of the only planet we have.

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